Website Traffic Monitoring and Visitor Tracking Solution

Chat4Support is a website traffic monitoring tool for you to monitor website traffic and get your web site traffic statistics data (pageviews and unique hits), track visitor footprint, as well as collect visitor information including their IP addresses (geo-location), referrer and search keyword usage. With Chat4Support, you may track website visitors, analyze web site traffic and identify which visitors are the most valuable, then live chat with customers in real-time.

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Day Traffic

Chat4Support can monitor website traffic daily, monthly, yearly. You can view the traffic hisory data and stats details in the Admin Console pages. In addition to traffic data, Chat4Support can also collect online visitor information, such as ip, screen data (resolution), browser type,geo-location, search keyword usage, referrer, etc. Chat4Support is a powerful website visitor tracker !

As a service provider of real-time website analysis software, Chat4Support can record unique hits and page views everyday on your web site traffic. Business corporations which depend on Chat4Support must be increasing sales, improving website conversions, reducing marketing costs, upgrading website optimization, and providing best service to their customers and partners when they analyse website traffic statistics free in any sites.

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How do I know how much traffic a site is generating? The users of Chat4Support can monitor the website traffic and trace website traffic by analyzing the daily and monthly website traffic, including page views and unique IP hits, as well as collecting visitors' information, such as the geo-location, browser type, language used, and operating system, and so on. Chat4Support, as a traffic analyzer and website live traffic monitor software, is one of web traffic monitor tools, providing web traffic monitoring and free live traffic monitoring in the free website traffic monitoring program. When analyzing the traffic to your web site, you will find out it is often useful to know the size of the monitors that your visitors use and the live website traffic monitoring status.

Operator Chat Traffic

There are a lot of benefits of monitoring web traffic. As a web traffic monitoring software, Chat4Support is useful for you to find out the amount of traffic each website has. It can find out who are repeated visitors on your website, which important web pages the visitors are browsing, which key words they have used and most website traffic hits every day. In this way, you can know whether they are valuable visitors (hot prospects), then you can send a proactive chat inviatation to them and live chat with each other.


Chat4support' website traffic monitoring feature is for 5-day free trial. Please sign up a free account. You can log in to the Chat4Support back-end system to view your website traffic statistics data.

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How do you know your site visitors and how web site traffic should be generated for E-businesses?

Do you know how long web site visitors are there for, how they hit your site or what countries they are from? Having a better understanding of traffic on your site assists in planning future development, increasing web site traffic and also provides opportunities for increasing revenue through targeted advertising.


You might be receiving hundreds or thousands of hits a day, but if the visitors were only on your site for 5 seconds each, that would indicate there's a problem. Chat4Support is a powerful live chat and visitor tracking solution, which provides online chat and traffic monitoring features. It helps improve the quality of website statistics and online marketing performance. By using Chat4support, you will know the traffic of different websites and get close to your site visitors, knowing where they come from, how many times they have browsed your page. Our traffic analysis solutions are available for each webmaster who wants to track a website. Chat4support has become the trusted standard in website statistics for various internet companies such as travel, dating sites and online shops. It will help each webmaster to optimize their web site, maximize online marketing conversions and lead campaign tracking.

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Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts

Do you feel it costs a lot to search engine ads and keyword usage? Do you feel trouble to know more about how many visitors are browsing your website and how they like your products? Use Chat4support! Chat4support, a website visitor monitoring tool that lets you see how many visitors are browsing your website as well as the most popular keywords used to find your site. What if you aren't spending any money at all on online marketing? A website visitor monitoring tool will show you the performance of website visitors, and very likely how you can shore them up with search engine submissions and/or keyword buys. It is known that businessmen pay much attention to how their businesses grow in a specific time, how much they earn in one year by free online Visitors Service help. Chat4support has a function that you can know how many times your visitors has browsed your website by daily, monthly, and yearly unique IP hits. You can know how many visitors view your pages, in order to monitor website visitor or monitor websites customers and supply online customer service in real time. The software greatly help to improve operators' efficiency indeed by greeting website visitors through free online help support.

You need to know where your traffic is coming from, and why

Chatting with website visitors online can let you know more about your visitors. Chat4Support can help you find out where your visitors are coming from. It contains a "referrer" section showing who is sending you traffic — by specific web page, by domain and by domain type (such .com, .edu, .gov, etc.). That can help you identify website visitors easily.

You need to know what users like and don't like about your website

When you invite website visitors to chat, Chat4support, a website visitor monitoring tool identifies your visitors by the keywords they use to access your website, and the most requested pages, as well as your most common entry pages and exit pages, to let you monitor their footprints. If you know what is working well, you can optimize your site to provide more of it. You can pre-set the keywords and important pages in your system. Once the visitors search your website by the keywords or pages that match the ones you pre-set, you can find the hot prospects immediately. This will attract your highly attention, and will not loose any prospect customers from the free online Visitor Service help.

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You need to know about any defects on your site

Most website traffic monitoring tools enable you to see the operating systems and browsers your users are using. Chat4support is just the one. It should help you to know, for example, the percentage of your users who have Macintosh systems (versus Windows) and who use Netscape browsers (versus Internet Explorer). What is the customer experience using a Mac or Netscape? Beyond that, Chat4support enables you to see how many users are attempting to link to your website pages. These pages are a good reflection, not just on your website but also on your business. People may draw conclusions about your customer service. The more you know about how the customer views your business, the better off you are.

It's how you'll really get to know your customers

The Internet and all of the technologies associated with it, allow you to understand your customers and prospects better than other media and marketing channels. In the online world, not everybody is going to come to your site to buy your products or service. But the website traffic monitoring tool allows you to track where they come from and what they are doing on your site, so you can make changes to your site based on their behaviors. You've become smarter. You can do that online. As one of free monitoring web traffic softwares, Chat4support, can also track daily or monthly traffic and conversations (sales) and trace the steps leading to conversions in such a way that no offline medium can do. Such a great tool has forced people to do different things with their web sites. They're working harder now on their web sites and their businesses.

Save money and avoid redundancy

Chat4support offers live chat and live support help, together with website traffic monitoring, enabling you to increase sales and reduce costs. Using Chat4support can make you more convenient to know the growth and development of your business, make you get more close to your visitors or customers, and know more suggestions or advices on your business or products from your visitors. Those will increase your sales revenue and trust between you and your customers indeed.

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Measure growth

It is worth building a spreadsheet in Chat4support where you can store a summary of your website visitor statistics together with actual sales enquiries to keep track of trends. Most businesses carefully monitor the effectiveness of their printed marketing material. It is just as important to do the same with your website if it is to realize its full potential. Unlike other offline marketing material, the actual words that go on a web pages and a high search engine ranking will dictate whether or not potential prospects will find you through search engines. Of course Chat4support may help you to come up with new ways of describing your products or services and hence a whole new possible set of prospects, by which you can measure your business growth with website traffic visitor identification.

The key to online success

Chat4support is a good way to know whether your web site is achieving its goals, and to show you how many unique IP hits of your website visitors, which pages of your website are popular, who is visiting your site, when they visit, and other data that can give you a clearer idea of how your business grow. You will find more benefits of website traffic monitoring if you use Chat4support.

It is known that the power of the web is astounding. As an extension of other sources, or perhaps as the only source, the informational, operational, and marketing aspects of web media are potent. Having a web presence is not sufficient, though. E-businesses must exploit the latest technology and evolve more quickly than their conventional competitors and customers or risk getting left behind. Recognizing that web site behavior has a direct effect on business success and customer loyalty, companies are now required to better understand their users so that their sites are responsive, easy to navigate, and present what the users are interested in purchasing. However, many E-businesses have little or no idea what customers and potential customers are doing on their Web sites. Web sites that are slow to respond and contain hard-to-find items will drive away customers. To justify web site changes, though, using the right quantitative and qualitative information is essential in optimizing a site, which means there is a growing need for new tools that analyze web site effectiveness—Chat4support is just the tool to reach this target.

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Web pages analysis

Web page visitor tracking analyzer is a powerful analytical tool, which deals with site statistics generated while your website is being visited. Every visit to your site, now can be easily monitored and analyzed providing you with essential knowledge on your website traffic.


Using website traffic monitoring software you will be able to answer these questions about your website: how many people visit it each month, where are they from; how are visitors finding your website; what traffic is coming from search engines, links from other sites and other sources? Chat4support - the professional web page visitor tracking and traffic tracing software, allows you to set goals for your site and monitor when and how often those goals are met. You can check how many visitors your website have weekly and monthly; monitor new, repeated and unique visitors as well as analyze their countries, browsers, IP addresses and get other statistical reports. You should take advantage of the advanced and affordable website traffic monitoring software for small and medium size websites. Know exactly where your customers come from, how they move through the site and where they leave it.

Website traffic monitoring frequency

Another point to bear in mind when choosing a monitoring service is monitoring frequency, offering website traffic monitor on mac. There are many very cheap services out there that only ping your home page once an hour. The question is, how many sales and enquiries could you lose in an hour? The more frequent your site is monitored, the better. This is especially the case if the problem is at your hosting service level and is complex. The faster you can inform your web host, the faster they can fix the problem. Chat4support offers web site traffic monitoring tool for you to clearly realize how to develop your business more and attract more visitors browse your website.

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Multiple geo-location monitoring

There's no point in utilizing a monitoring service that only have servers checking your site from Africa. Find a service that will check your site from multiple points around the globe - especially from where your target market originates. This is very important as even though your site may be operating correctly, if there's a network error along the path to your server, you may never know.


For example, let's say that your site is located in the USA - and you are as well. It's not unheard of for a site to be viewable by USA users, but not by visitors from the UK due to ISP communication errors between the USA and UK.

Monitoring the Web Site Traffic We Generate

In order to know how much traffic we are generating on our web sites, we must be able to monitor our website traffic. When a person logs onto a web site, all of the information which makes up this web site (this includes HTML documents, images, graphics, etc.) is being sent from the online server which hosts the web site to the computer of the person viewing the site. This transfer of information we call traffic.


When we are monitoring website traffic, the most basic method is to track these transfers of information from the hosting server to a remote location in order to count page loads. This will let us know how often our page is being loaded. However, this will not necessarily tell us how many different people are viewing our web site, or how often the same people are coming back. In order to determine this information, we must be able to break down these basic page loads into more informative data.


By keeping track of where the computer loading the information is coming from, we can know who is a new viewer and who is a returning viewer. We can also keep track of how long a person is logged into a web site. This allows us to know how many people are viewing a web site for the first time, how many people are returning to a web site, and more. This tells us exactly how much website traffic we are generating, and how effective our marketing efforts are being.