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Chat4Support is the best free website chat widget that lets you chat with your customers on your website. This website chat software can not only help you set up a powerful live support system on your website in seconds, proactively invite web visitors to chat online, but also has some many useful features to monitor website visitors, log website traffic, offer support ticket system when live chat operator is offline.

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Here are some feature highlights of Chat4Support software:

  • Concurrent live chat with multiple visitors
  • Intelligent proactive chat invitations
  • Chat history recording and search
  • Live assistance tools during chat (Transfer screenshots, files, urls to visitors, etc.)
  • Live website visitor tracking (Track visitor's footprint, referrer, keyword usage, visit count etc.)
  • Knowledge base management (Send FAQs and prepared solutions to web visitors);
  • Support ticket system (Available for visitors to leave a message when the website operators become " offline" status)
  • Website traffic statistics (Log daily, monthly yearly website traffic)
  • Free edition is available

Chat4Support is the best website chat software because it is not only a powerful live chat widget, but also a website visitor tracking tool to help you identify whether which visitors are hot prospects and which keywords are profitable. You can easily track, chat, and engage with live customers on your website with Chat4Support.

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Add a live chat widget to your website easily

If you are looking for a free live chat widget for your website, it is recommended to try Chat4Support. You just need a few simple steps to add a free chat widget to your website. Here are the methods about how to set up a website chat system with Chat4Support software:

  1. Download Chat4Support Operator Client software from the product website:
  2. Install the operator software (Run .exe file in the package you download)
  3. Sign up a new operator chat account (Click "Sign up a new account" in the program. Or Sign up on the Chat4Support website's home page)
  4. Run Chat4Support widget software, and login as a new user
  5. Generate new chat button HTML codes
  6. Add the chat widget button HTML codes into your web pages on which you wish to have a chat button appear


After the above installation setups, you will have a web chat widget on your website. Then you will have already resolved some web customer support issues ,like: how to add a chat widget to my website? how to track my website visitors? how can I get and manage web messages from my customers ? All these issues actually are very frequently-asked questions for many website masters or online business operators. Chat4Support provides an easy website chat solution that can solve all these issues. More important, unlike other expensive live website chat systems, this website chat software is very cost-effective, and a free version is available. And you can get


You may concentrate on your website business with this easy-to-use live chat widget. After you add a chat widget into your website, there will be a professional website chat button appearing on your webpages. If your website browsers have questions and comments on your products and services, they only need to click the chat widget button to initiate a chat with your website operators, and then your live operators can send them some prepared answers or solutions from the knowledge base from the Operator Client software. (You can add any FAQs into the the database of your chat widget system's knowledge base from time to time.) And you can upload your own customized chat button image to the website chat system in the software's Admin Console. So the website chat software is very easy to use and flexible even if you are not a professional website engineer or designer. You can do it all by yourself to build your own web chat software system for customer service support on your website.


After you start an online business with an interactive website platform, and the website traffic is increasing, your next goal is to improve your online marketing campaign performance so that your business revenue and profit will also increase. You may think about "Can I use my website chat widget to monitor website visitors and analyze their web behaviors, and finally to identify which PPC keywords are profitable and which visitors are valuable?" A professional website chat program can perform all these functions, and ChatSupport can fulfill all these requirements.


Even though there are many website live help software applications in the market, many products are very expensive and some are not easy to deploy and use. A good news is that you can have a wonderful free chat widget for your website. It is called Chat4Support. The web chat widget covers all the important features of professional website chat software. You can have free trial of all its professional version. And you can use the basic live chat functions in its free edition. Please go head to get free download from the Chat4Support website.


What is website chat widget that can be truly boost your online business?

What are the criteria to evaluate live chat widgets for websites? Which applications can be worthy being called "the best website chat widgets" ? The easy ways to get the answers are to review the results of using these web chat widgets. Basically, the good chat widget software can help boost your online business, reduce the cost of your online marketing, and improve your customer service. More specifically, after you add a chat widget to website, your business revenue and profit increase, the ROI of your online marketing campaigns (like Adwords PPC etc,) also rises, and the customer satisfaction can reach a high level, say, there is little customer complaint and negative feedback about your customer service. All these aspects will be a good sign to prove the live website chat widget you are using can bring positive results to your business. Therefore, the website chat software will be very helpful for any business.


Definitely, there are some concrete criteria to review website chat software. The best online chat widget for website must include the following features:

  • Live chat with multiple visitors simultaneously; (concurrent chat for each live chat operator)
  • Proactive chat invitation; (invite live customers to engage chat directly)
  • Send screenshots, files, url to visitors in the website chat messenger;
  • Record and search chat history;
  • Set up contact information record for each important website visitor;
  • Knowledge base management; (Operators can add FAQs and prepared answers into the web chat system database so that they can be quickly sent to the visitors);
  • Support ticket system is available for the case when the online chat widget is set to be the " offline" status;
  • live website visitor monitoring; (Track website visitors and traffic)
  • Analyze website visitor keyword usage and identify which visitors can be hot prospects (so that you can invite to chat)
  • Easy for setup and use
  • Free trial for full version features and free edition is available


Please try Chat4Support, which is the best website chat software that can meet all the above criteria. The pro version is the most affordable, compared other live chat software for website. The live support widget also has a free version which lets you to chat with your website customers after adding a free chat widget to your website. Live help widget software is necessary for a success online business website. Especially the best live website chat software can meet all the above mentioned standards and should be a really useful live helper to boost your business. If you would like to add this website chat tool to your site to provide live support real-time on your web site, please don't hesitate to download and install the widget on your website. Chat4Support can provide the best websites chat features and other powerful functions that can improve your online marketing and customer support. Besides the free edition, Chat4Support's Standard or Professional versions have many advanced features, such as live chat invitation, website visitor footprint recording, visitor keyword & referrer analysis, etc. To add these chat features, you just need pay a low price to upgrade your Chat4Support version.


A free or inexpensive chat support widget will be very useful for business operators to live chat with website visitors. Adding free live website chat widget is a smart choice for your online ecommerce business. So, Chat4Support is the best web chat widget option for you.

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Chat4Support Key Features:

  1. Live Website Chat, Proactive Cha Invitation, Chat History, Live Assistance
  2. Website Visitor Monitoring, Site Traffic Statistics, Keyword & Referrer Analyzer
  3. Support Ticket System, Knowledge base management, SSL support, File Transfer


"What is the best website chat software?"

- Chat4Support is the best free website chat widget with visitor tracking features. It has a free version.


Choose Chat4Support to make your site interactive and boost your online business !

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Chat4Support is one of the best chat widgets in the world. Online website visitors can click a live chat button and chat with your website operators. To add a chat widget to a web site , you just need to create live chat script and paste it into your web page, then invite website visitors to engage instant chat. You don't need special professional html skills to embed a chat widget into website. You may insert the chat script into your webpages by using a web page editor program, like FrontPage or Dreamweaver.


In addition to the basic live chat features, Chat4Support pro edition has many other useful functions that can help monitor your website traffic and track the performance of your online marketing campaigns because you can know whether your customers are from Google or Yahoo, which keywords they are using, and whether these visitors are interested into your business. So the software is also a good website visitor tracking tool and live keyword analysis widget. To add a live chat widget on your website and get more advanced features, you just need to take a few minutes to download and set up Chat4Support to have a free trial for its all professional live support and website visitor tracing functions.


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How to add a website chat widget to website ?

To add an online chat widget, firstly you must download the right live chat help application. Chat4Support is the best live support agent for website. Here are the methods to set up live chat system:

  • Download a live help agent program from the best software developer (It is recommended you use Chat4Support.)
  • Sign up a live chat operator account on the website chat support system (You can create an a chat account after you run Chat4Support operator software, or you can create an account on the Chat4Support website.)
  • Log in website chat messenger to generate live chat widget codes (Usually they are html codes with JavaScript, but a static live chat button codes don't have Java Script.)
  • Open your web pages with a html editor to paste the website chat button codes. (Usually it is in front of </body>)

So the setup method is very simple and easy, You just need take several minutes to complete the whole installation process. Especially, when you choose Chat4Support as your website customer support system, you don't need to take care of any technical issues about upgrade and system maintenance. Chat4Support provides you with automatic upgrade, and all the server part of the server software in on the dedicated servers, which are managed by a reliable and professional data center.


Even you are running a small business website and you don't need all features of the live web chat widget. You can use the basic free chat functions for free after installing the Operator Client software. The software will automatically become a free version after the full function free trial period is ended. So all the process will be very smooth and you can streamline all your online business with the best website chat widget.


Chat4support Professional edition has live website traffic monitoring and visitor tracking features so you can record each website footprints. The pro version is for 5-day free trial with full functionality. Please sign up a free account to use the good website chat support agent. You can log on the Chat4Support's Admin Console system to view and analyze your site's traffic statistics data. Please install a chat support widget for customer support on your website! As a online chat widget software, Chat4Support provides some live chat templates as your live chat buttons on your site. You can change the chat button images anytime by uploading your own pictures for the chat button.


Why choose Chat4Support as your website chat software?

In order to boost your online business sales, you may need add live chat widget for website so that your sales representatives are able to respond your live customers timely. There are many software vendors selling website chat systems. Some new runners added some complicated features to the web chat software that is becoming difficult to use. But many live chat software users like to download free website chat codes or scripts to set up an easy to use live support system on their sites. More and more users choose Chat 4Support instead of liveperson, provide-support, live helper, boldchat, whos on, phplive, live chat now, and other live website chat software products. Why is there a trend in the business live chat market ? Not only because Chat4Support is a free live chat widget product, providing all basic chat features, but also it has some other good features in the Pro version, which can differentiate it from other live website chat solutions. This web chat widget can bring many advantages for your business as long as you have a website. Chat4support is the best online chat widget to make your website interactive. The web chat software can have all the website chat features that other competitors have. In addition, other advanced features of the widget including web traffic monitoring and chat history viewer, can add value to all the live chat software users. Therefore, many Chat4Support users think this web chat widget can be good helper for their online business or customer service. And through their recommendations, other new users are willing to download the software to have a free trial of the program. They all believe Chat4Support is the best live chat software that can add value to their businesses.


Chat4Support is the best chat widget offering live web chat, and it has a free version available for small business companies if they feel they don't want to pay for a website chat service. Please download the free chat software from the website and create live chat scripts, and then add live chat widget to your website. You can engage your online customers in an easy way for free.


After you use Chat4Support, your online sales will boost and customer satisfaction will also increase. Choose Chat4Suppor as your live chat support system on your website is the best way to chat with your customers in real time. When your live chat operators are offline, your customers or website visitors can leave a message through the support ticket system within this website chat support system. So Chat4Support is the best choice in terms of business live chat software for your website.

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Increase your online sales by adding a website chat widget

If you embed a live chat widget to your website, you will feel website chat software can truly help your customers online. With a web chat software system, your website can offer an option to let your visitors to click to call you instantly when they have questions about your products and services, or you can also invite them to chat online if those visitors are important. For example, when you see a visitor viewing a few web pages or there is a return visitor who's browsing a key page, like the order webpage, you may send him or her a chat invitation, to assist the potential customers in time. The proactive chat feature allows you to actively engage a chat with a potential customer. So, the chat tool will help you turn your website visitors into clients. Obviously, you can increase more sales if you add a chat feature on your website. Chat4Support can be such a great website chat tool to increase your sales revenue for your business no matter it is online ecommerce or traditional business. Particularly, if you want to add free chat to your website, the website chat freeware version is the best choice. Chat4support can also improve the performance of your online marketing campaigns such as Google Adwords. You can achieve this by paying a flat price to subscribe the advanced versions, which have some value added features, like web visitors monitoring. The paid edition also has support ticket system that let your website visitors to leave a message when all the operators go offline. A comprehensive website chat system, such as Chat4Support, can add powerful advantages to your site. It can definitely bring benefits to your customers and increase online sales. Therefore, it will be a very smart decision to choose Chat4Support for your website chat and visitor solution.


Why People Need to Add Website Chat Software for Online Business ?

  • Installing a live chat widget on a website will allow you directly chat with your customers on-line. And they can use the website chat messenger to talk to you or leave you a message anytime if they have comments and questions.
  • For online shopping and e-commerce, online chat widget is necessary for any website to initiate an instant a chat with a customer who has such an immediate need. The traditional process of communication, like phone or e-mail, has some disavantages for an online transaction. You will lose many potential clients if you don't have a website live help widget. So you need a live website operator online to handle the all the businesses on website so that let your customers feel they are visiting a real physical store..
  • Add an instant live chat agent to website will help your web site visitors get timely response as soon as possible. A slow response will give a bad experience to your customers. An online chat software system will improve the quality of your website customer service.


At any rate. a superb website chat widget like Chat4Support will give you a lot of benefits to your online business and customer service. No matter your company is a large-scale enterprise, or a small business company, or even an individual website, setting up a live chat system on website will be very helpful for your business. You may select a different package of live chat services to meet your website requirements and budget limit. Chat4Support the best free live chat software for people who are a starter with little budget. You just need download, install, sign up, and log in, and you can use the great live chat widget for free.