Recommended Website Chat Software

If you are looking for top-rated live chat software for website, our recommendation is Chat4Support, which is the best free website chat software that can not only help you set up a free live chat system for your website to engage your customers instantly, but also track website visitors. You can collect adequate data about your live website visitors, including their footprints, keyword usage, where they are from, chat history, whether they are return customers, so that you can proactively invite a potential customer to chat in real time. On the other hand, you can easily identify which search keywords are profitable and then you can increase your ROI of your online marketing campaigns.

A good website chat software program, such as Chat4Support, must include the following features at least:

  • live chat with multiple visitors simultaneously (concurrent chats)
  • Invite website visitors to chat (proactive chat invitations)
  • View and Search chat history for a specific website visitor
  • Provide live assistance tools during website chat (transfer screenshots & files between website visitors and operators etc.)
  • Track live website visitors (Record visitor's referrer, keyword usage, footprint, visit count etc.)
  • Send prepared solutions and messages to website visitors (Set up knowledge base and canned message database)
  • Offer support ticket system on website (when website chat operators go offline)
  • Log website traffic statistics data daily, monthly and yearly (so that you can watch how your business grows.)
  • Easy for use and setup
  • Offer live chat Free trial versioon


Actually, one of the above criteria is quite important. That is, the best website chat software should let all the users be able to try all the features before they subscribe the website live chat service from the providers, otherwise, they cannot understand how the website chat widget helps their website visitors, and whether this kind of website live chat support can bring good experience to their customers on website. Ideally, the live website chat software provider should also offer a free version with basic live chat function for individuals or small business starters to assist them in offering website live support. Most of these free live chat software users definitely will be willing to pay for an advanced version when their website traffic increases and their business grows.

Chat4Support is such a best free live website chat software. You may evaluate all features of the professional version during the free trial period, and it also provides a free live chat version to set up a website chat system for your business.

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What is Best Website Chat Software ?

When you look for live chat support software for website, you will not only just want to simply set up a chat for support on website, but also hope to customize the program to your needs. Best live chat services should work well on two aspects: both your support team and your online customers. The following criteria can help determine which software will be the best choice for you to set up live chat support for website and performs best for your operators and website visitors.

Live Assistance Capabilities
You should choose a live chat support application that has the features for you to effectively communicate with your customers online. It's that simple. If you operate a small business or online retail store, the most important features are to connect with your customers and assist them efficiently. We suggest that you need choose an application with features that are very useful for both operators and customers on website, for example, file transfer function to send screenshots, URLs files to visitors, sound and visual alerts for incoming messages, a typing indicator, Skype phone call, and a built-in spell checker. For users who just want to build a free live chat on website, at least a free version with basic live chat for support fuction is necessary so that many websites are able to have a channel to communicate with live vsitors. Quite a few website chat solution providers are willing to offer free live chat programs in order to increase their client base. Once their free website chat software users need more live assistance support features, they will definitely buy the advanced versions of the live chat program.

Website Visitor Tracking & Traffic Monitoring
With the right website chat tools, you can collect many data about your online visitors, including the websites (search engines, forums, and blogs) that referred them to your web site, their click-through path and the browser types. You can also find whether the website visitor is a return customer or not, and if so, you may look up their previous purchase and chat history. All the information helps you to see which areas of your website get the most attention and where web visitors would decide to leave.
When you watch live visitors, you need an option to send an invitation to chat with any website visitor. A good website chat program should personalize the invitation to comply with your visitor's experience; a pop-up advertisement like chat invitation window may not let your customers feel comfortable. You need make proactive invitation to apply to your web visitor's requirements on the right time and areas they are browsing on your site. So the best web chat program must be a live chat web tracking application to be able to chat with and track website visitors.

Operator Chat Operator Chat Keywords
Screenshots of Chat4Support, the best free website chat software in the hot list of eCommerce tools. (Click to view a larger image)

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Host Subscription Or Dedicated Server Options

Most of live chat software developers believe the cheapest live chat function is not a key issue to win more customers in the market eventhough the price factor is very sensitve for many live chat users. There are more important issues rather than the price option. For example, you have designed your website with pretty good layout and style that can represent your business and brand. The webpage design should carry through the whole website, including your live chat window. Best live chat support software can let you to customize every component of your chat window, from the color scheme, logo, chat buttons to the pre-chat survey questions, canned messages, and so on.
We have reviewed some live help options are web-based applications, and some are downloadable website chat software programs. Many live chat services provide either one or both options. where the live chat servers are hosted and the price difference will be key issues for website chat products. Live chat companies sell online operator licenses that determine how many operators can log into the application at a time for helping customers online. The price for a client program or web-based application is usually a monthly fee for each operator seat, this mode is n on-demand service from the web chat service provides, Absolutely, you can set up your own server to host the server part of the live chat support software, which will be a one-time fee that covers a lifetime of live chat service within your organization. You need to consider live chat options according to your actual needs and conditions of your business. If you don’t have your own dedicated servers to host the installable chat server software, then you may subscribe live chat service hosted on the servers operated by web chat software application vendors. Usually, live chat software hosting package will be more popular than the installable chat server version because the hosting package will not require the chat software users to have their own IT resources to support the chat servers. Chat4Support is a kind of the website chat application to help you to install chat for site free. And also it is an affordable online chat tool.

Multi-Language Support
The best live website chat software can support your business globally. People around the world can communicate with you through the web chat platform built by interactive live chat software system. As an eCommerce business, if you may produce products or services that appeal to international customers everywhere, then you need to choose live chat support software like Chat4Support, which can support multiple languages, such as English, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Turkish, Hungarian, Spanish, Romanian, Danish. If you want to set up live chat for website to deal with your global customers, you must choose a multiple languages website chat system. For example, even if you use Chat4Suport's free live chat box for website, mult-language options are available on the website chat window when visitors all over the globe to click the the website chat button. So, if you need chat software for website to handle your global business, Chat4Support should be your best choice due to its multi-language support feature.

Ease of Use
How to make a live chat on website easily? Are there any special skills required to handle a web chat software program? If you use the best website chat program, you don’t need worry that you are not an HTML/ASP/PHP or JavaScript/CSS master, who is able to easily handle a customized code and then place it on your site in order to show up the live chat button. Being an owner of a small or medium-sized business, perhaps you don't have experience in coding software tools. If this is the case, have no fear because the best live support chat applications are simple to use and require no coding experience or web development skills. You may create the website chat button by easily creating chat html codes and adding a chat agent to a website. For most of those on-demand, web-based live help applications, the live chat server hosting company will provide you with the code, script and API. No matter you use a free live chat tool or the paid version chat programs, easy of use is an important factor to get high marks in any live chat software evaluation process.

Live Support & Technical Help
You have many helpful tools turn a web visitor into a lifetime customer if using the best live chat support services,. You hope to provide any visitor the best website chat service. Certainly, if your web chat software functions properly and stably, you can implement a very successful website live chat support service. You need work with a professional website live chat service provider that can be also dedicated to providing you with the best live help and support. That is, choose the best website chat application, which also has many effective customer support measures, for example, live chat support, and technical support via telephone, email provided by those live chat support software companies. Online chat software itself will be a great customer support tool for any business. In addition to offer free live chat support to customers, it is also necessary to build a comprehensive livesupport net by integrating website live chat with email, support ticket, telephone, and even forums, blogs twitter, as well as facebook.


Best live chat support software allows you to participate in an instant message conversation with your customers on website, and this method is easier sending a text message from your phone to them. In this way, you answer the questions and respond the feedback from your customers. Also, you can get statistical data that will benefit your business’ online marketing methods and strategies. You can keep track of all the intelligence information and use it to increase the productivity and ROI of your online presence on Internet. Therefore, best live chat service will increase its web presence and empower your company to win the online competition in the market.

Why to Choose Chat4Support as Your Website Chat Softwre?

After performing website chat software reviews based on the above criteria, we recommend Chat4Support and Liveperson。Both of two web chat software programs can fulfill most of the needs for any online business nowadays. Especially, Chat4Support is the most cost-effective website chat app, which offers website chat downlod to let you have free trial to evaluate all features. More important, Chat4Support has a free version so that you can use the website chat script for free. We can say Chat4Support is the best free website chat software in the market. If you are looking for an open source website chat software or free live support program, why not choose Chat4Support that is absolutely free for small website owners. Even if you want to upgrade the live chat software to a Professional edition, the cost of monthly or yearly subscription fee is very low. You cannot find a cheap website chat software product as low as US$6 per month elsewhere. Live Person software is good enought be be an enterprise-level live help desk, but the price is too expensive. You need pay almost US$100 per month to use Liveperson! It seems a bit strange if you apply a very expensive php liveperson live chat solution on a low cost website built by open source php+mySQL. When you compare Chat4Support and Live Person Chat software, you can easily get a conclusion that Chat4Support's price is the cheapest, but the Professional features of the live chat website builder are powerful enough to set up live chat for website to greatly boost your sales and improve your customer support on website.

When you are looking for free live chat for websites, you need find the best one through a discreet website chat software comparison. The above description will encourage you to choose Chat4Support instead of other live chat software products such as Liveperson, Boldchat, Website alive, Livechat Now, LiveHlep Now, Live2Support, etc. Please go ahead to download and install Chat4Support as your business live chat software for website.


Additional Tips:

How to install website chat software for your business? (Example: how do you put chat4support on your website?)

  1. Go to Chat 4 Support webiste to Download Chat4Support Operator Client software from the website:
  2. Install the operator software (Run .exe file in the package you download from the product website)
  3. Create a new operator chat account (Click "Sign up a new account" in the software. Or Sign up on the Chat4Support website's home page)
  4. Run Chat4Support software, and log in with your account and user name
  5. Make new website chat button HTML codes in the Web Admin Console
  6. Insert the website live chat button HTML codes into your website where you wish to have a chat button to appear.

In the way, you can set up a live chat software for your website.