How to Set Up Live Chat for Website

If you are looking for a solution for how to build a live chat support system for your website, there is a live chat program that can perfectly meet your needs. This website chat software is called Chat4Support, which can let you set up free live chat for website in seconds. proactively invite your visitors to chat on website, and provide a support ticket system for customers to leave a message when the live chat operators are offline. In addition, The customer support tool has many powerful features more than website live chat, for example, it can track live visitors on website, log web traffic, and so on.


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How to set up a live chat for website ?

Here are an easy way for setting up live chat for website if you choose Chat4Suppor as your website live chat solution.

  • Download and install the live chat software from the Chat4Support website.
  • Sign up a live chat operator account for your websit. (You can create a chat account after you run Chat4Support operator software, or you can create an account on the Chat4Support website.)
  • Log in the live chat software to generate live chat button codes for your site, (Live chat codes usually are html codes with JavaScript, but a static website live chat button codes don't have Java Script.)
  • Add live chat button codes to your website (You can use an html editor like dreamweaver to edit webpage codes for your website.)

So the live chat setup method is very easy and you just need take several simple steps to make an onlive chat support for website. When you choose Chat4Support for your website live chat system, you don't need to spend money on upgrade and server maintenance. Chat4Support provides you with automatic free upgrade, and you just need to focus on how to improve the quality of your live support for website.

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Why is it important to set up live chat for your website?

When a customer try to get live chat with you for products or services that show on your site, unhappy feeling will appear if he or she is unable reach you by an instant online chat method. The customer will feel frustrated if just encounting an unsuccessful automated phone-menu searching for a real human voice. If you want to make your business' customer service be much efficient, you need live chat software for website. Even if your products or services are good enough, someone will be confusing due to a small problem, and your customers on website don't hope to wait for help or deal with difficult support channels. Online chat software for website provides your customers the instant assistance when they are browsing your site. Live chat on website also offers your business quite a few analytic tools and customization to let you have more advantages in online retail as well as other businesses.


Building the best live chat for website will enable your business to give customers the feel of a physical retail store, a website live caht operator can approach a visitor and offer help based on what the visitor is viewing on website. Also, a website live chat program lets you to find what a visitor is browsing and create an invitation to chat based on the visitor information. In addition to personalized help online, the website visitor data can help you create and manage new online marketing or advertising campaigns. The data collected from online chat software will definitely increase the ROI of your Internet marketing campaigns and convert pageviews to sales.



Which software products are recommended to make a live chat for your site?

After reviewing the best live chat tools for website, e-commerce experts found that the best live chat services are provided by Chat4Support and Liveperson. The live chat software developed by these companies can offer customization, personalization in their website livechat solutions. With these website chat services, you can create a strong support structure for your customers and get the data of your website visitors to prepare more cost-effective marketing campaigns, and then earn more new sales. When view the comparison of the top live chat software products on some review websites for live chat solutions, you will easily find a common conclusion is that Chat4Support is the best free live chat software for website. Unlike many expensive live chat programs for website, Chat4Support can help you set up free live chat for your website. The free version has no any ad pop-ups, and you can sign up the live chat account to provide online chat support service on your website.


Key features of Chat4Support:

  • Concurrent live chat with many website visitors
  • Pproactive live chat invitations for website visitors who look to become your potential customers
  • Website live chat history recording and search
  • Live chat assistance tools for communication on webiste (File transfer fucntion for website visitors, etc.)
  • Website visitor tracking feature for website stats (Track web visitor's footprint, referrer, keyword usage, visit count etc.)
  • Knowledge base management for website messaging (Send FAQs and prepared solutions to web visitors);
  • Support ticket system for live website visitors to leave a message when live chat operators are offline
  • Website traffic statistics for further online marketing analysis

Chat4Support allows you to quickly make live chat for your site and also help you identify whether which website visitors are most valuable for your business and which keywords are most profitable. To set up free online chat for website, Chat4Support is the best option, especially for those looking for gratis or open source live chat software for their websites. The free live chat version lets you chat with your website customers. You don't need to pay anything to download and install the software to setup live chat for websites (Yes, even though you have more than a website, you can embed live chat codes into all your sites to initiate live chats with your all website visitors.) Free live chat for site is necessary for a small online business. Especially the best free live website chat software, such as Chat4Support can let you offer live chat support for website visitors. If you want to add this free live chat function for your webiste, please feel free to download and install the free chat software for your website.


As a small online business operator, you may have some questions, such as "how to set up live chat for my website ?", Which is the best free live chat software for my website?" . Now, Coding Best Software is giving you the best live chat freeware in the market. The company's product, Chat4Support allows you to add a live chat button on your website for free. An free or inexpensive live chat support widget will be very useful for business persons to live chat with website visitors. If your online business grows and you want to use more advanced features of Chat4Support in addition to setting up live chat for web site, definitely you need consider buying its Professional or Standard editions.


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How to choose live help software to make live chat for website free?


You must use correct methods to select a suitable live support software for your website. According to the positive comments and feedback from Chat4Support customers as well as the success stories about their ecommerce performance, we can conclude that finding a reliable live chat service will increase your online sales and show a nice presence to your customers so that your business can grow fast. Here are some suggestions or tips to help you find a qualified and useful live support chat software to help build live chat for website.

Step 1: Use professional criteria to determine which website live chat software is the best fit for your website. A professional live chat software must have the following features:

  • Live chat support software must allow online operators to have concurrent chats with website visitors.
  • A good live support tool should have a proactive chat inviatation feature that lets you to invite website visitors to chat instantly.
  • Website support software must has a support ticket system to let website visitors to leave a message when operators go offline.
  • Online support software for website should be able to provide many live assistance messures to help web visitors. For example, Operators can transfer files, screenshots to the visitors browsing a web page, and even can call them via Skype.
  • Live help support software should have a knowledge base database and canned message list to let operators to send prepared solutions and greeting phrases to customers online.
  • The best live support software is not only a website chat software application, but also a website visitor tracking program to monitor website visitor activities, including their keywords used on search enginers, and time spent on each webpage.
  • Live support program must be easy-to-use, and easy to set up a live chat for website.
  • A reliable live support system must be running all day with 24*7 up time.
  • Live chat free trial is available to let users to evaluate all professional features of the live support application.
  • A powerful livesupport software certainly will have many useful features to support the growth of your business, such as website traffic stats, chat history viewer, SSL support, multi-language versions, etc.


Step 2: Download and Install some candidate live chat programs for testing to evaluate whether they can indeed meet your requirements of your business or not. That is, you should actually run live chat software for your web site.


Step 3: When you are ready to purchase live chat tool for website, you must compare the prices and features of the candidate software to find out the best live chat service for your website. If you are a small business or your site is just for individual use, and you just want to offer simple chat for support on website, then you may choose a chat support software with free live version to assist you in creating free live chat for website.


The above tips offer you a simple best way to help find a live chat application for website. Eventhough there are many online chat support programs that claim they are the best, you can easily identify that the best online support software must offer live chat free trial version and can track live vistors on website. Obviously, Chat4Support can meet all the above criteria of the best live chat software for websites. Compared with other live chat services provided by Liveperson, LiveChat Now, Website Alive, etc. Chat 4 Support software have many advantages. No matter you use its free live chat version or low monthly subscription versions, you will agree "Chat4Support is the best free live chat service for website!"