Offer Live Chat Option on Website

Are you looking to create a live chat option on your website ? We recommend Chat4Support, which can let you easily install live chat on website in minutes for free with several simple steps. In addition to adding free chat to your site, the Professional version of this great chat system will also let you track your website visitor activities to find out more potential customers online.

As the owner of a online shop that need to provide live chat optiop to your customers, you usually may ask IT consultants for help. But when you ask a question like "What is the best free live chat option for my website?" They will not give a true support help on this issue or they just recommend you with a cheap live chat software that may request some advanced payment to use the website chat widget. Chat4Support can fulfill the needs to implement free chat option for your site. Chat4Support can not only offer live chat free trial version for the Professional edition that has more powerful advanced features live web visitor tracking, but also provide a free version for those small online business or individual websites. Please go ahead to get free download chat option software package on the Download page of the product website.


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How to setup live chat option on your website with Chat4Support?

How to make a live chat on website with Chat4Support ? Here are a few simple steps to add a live chat option in your website. All the process will not require that you know how to design a webpage with special html coding skills.

  1. Get Free Download of Chat4Support Operator software package
  2. Install live chat software you download
  3. Create a new live chat account (Click "Sign up a new account" after running the chat operator software. Or Sign up on the Chat4Support website)
  4. Run Chat4Support chat program, and sign in with your live chat account information
  5. Generate live chat button HTML codes which will set up the chat option on your website
  6. Add the HTML codes of the live chat option button into your web pages where you wish to show up the chat option


Following the above easy simple steps, you will create a live chat option on your website in order to communicate with your online customers in real time. You don't need to take care of any technical issues including live chat server's upgrade and maintenance. As we know, small companies don't have adequate IT resource to host their own chat server and build a live chat system for their website. Chat4Support live chat solution will be a very cost effective way to fulfill your online business need. Particularly, if you are just looking for a free solution for your simple request, like "how to add chat function to my website", Chat4Support is the best fit for you. It offers a free version to let you create a website chat button for free. After generating and inserting a chat button script into your website, there will be a professional live chat button on your webpages. When your online customers want to ask for help on your products and services, they just need "click to chat", and then you can push them some prepared solutions from live chat system databsae. All the online support chat process will be very efficient and the live assistance tools of Chat4Support will let your clients feel you have capability to help and serve them with quality customer service.


Even there are many live chat options for websites in the markets, people always want to install free live chat on website at the beginning because they are not sure whether this kind of live chat program can indeed help their business grow. As an online business operator, you should learn how to put a live chat messenger in website to engage customers in time. You should not just insert a personal live chat messenger (Like Skype) on website since it will not look professional at all. You need set up chat option that can let your web visitors to initiate a instant chat or leave a message when your operators are all offline. Many live support chat software products are quite expensive and difficult to learn how to implement chat option on website. Chat4Support is an easy to use chat support program, which can help you setup a website live help chat system in minutes. More importantly, this online chat application has a free version that doesn't request your credit card information and signing a contract before the installation and use of the free online support system.


It is not only a chat option for website...

Chat4Support will be a great online chat help tool for website to provide instant live assitance to your customers. In fact, this support chat system is not only a free online chat tool for websites, it has some useful advanced features in the paid versions, for example: automatic or proactive chat invitation, website visitor avtivity tracking, live keyword analysis, helpdesk support ticket system etc. To include these premium features, you just need pay a little money to upgrade your live chat account to Professional or Standard editions.

And if you just need to buy the Lite version of the live chat application, the montly cost is as low as $6. So the price is most cheap, but the features of the support chat software are professional.


An free or inexpensive online website support solution will helpful for smalll buisness companies to catch website visitors onine by creating two-way communication channel no matter your web operators are online of offline. Furthermore, those live visitor monitoring features will empower your website to collect more useful information from your website visitors. For instance, whether they are return visitors, whether they have strong interest into your products, which webpages they stay much longer, how the website visitors find you, which keywords they use to search you in Google or other search engines, where are they from, etc.. All these information will give you some valuable clues to adjust your online marketing strategy, including adjusting your keyword bid in Adwords, adding keywords for PPC, SEO, SEM, including advertising costs in some regions where your potential customers are growing,etc.. At any rate, you will have more options to get more visitors to your website and increase sales online. Chat4Support's amazing features for online business marketings are definitely worthy a small investment to subscribe the Professional version.


If you are a big company and has its own IT infrastructure to host your own dedicated chat server to run the entire live chat system inhouse, Chat4Support also has an option for you to do this. Its Server edition allows users to run the server part software on their own servers and you just need specify a chat url to get the live chat server license. And the prices are very affordable. For example, the 5-user chat server version will just cost US$799 with one-year free support. This option can bring benefits for companies which do want to keep all business data in the internal servers for business intelligence reasons.

No matter which live chat software package options you choose, you will gree Chat4Support is one of the best chat programs to include live support option for websites. Your live customers will have an option to contact you immediately online by clicking the chat button on each web page they are browsing. You can track each visitor activity on your site to know more about the customer needs, and as a result, you will increase opportunities to close more deals with your clients.

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