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Free Program For Website Live Chat

Chat4support is a free program for website live chat,which is a software for  you to live chat on website,track visitor's footprint and increase sales revenue.As you look for live chat program for your on-line business, you want one that will allow you to customize the program to your needs and grow with your company. Live chat services need to fit the needs to two groups: your support team and your customers. The following criteria will help you determine which software works best for you and your visitors.Try Chat4support,that is the best solution!
Live Chat
*Engage to live chat with customers and visitors
When a visitor comes to your website,they may have desire to know more about your products.You have designed your website to represent your company and your brand. That design should carry through the entire site, including your live chat box.Your live chat box may represent your company logo ,product image ,webpage popularity,etc.When visitors want to know more about the product information,they will call you by the live chat box.This time,you can get closer to the visitors and give instant live chat and live help to them.They may get more interest of your product that they will be one of your customers after live chat.This time,as an operator ,you should be active ,Chat4support lets you pro-active chat with visitors.Pro-active chat with customers may switch visitors into potential customers.
Usage Scenarios
*Provide Sound and Visual Alerts 
You need to choose a live chat  application that offers the features you need to successfully communicate with your customers. It's that easy. If you are running a small business, you don't need a laundry list of features to connect with your customers. We do suggest that you choose an software that with features that both operators and customers will benefit from, such as sound and visual alerts for incoming messages, a built-in spell checker and a typing indicator. Chat4support has a highlight feature that lets operators to realize when there is a visitor call them.With this function,they will avoid missing calls and improve the service  satisfaction .

*Tracking & Monitoring visitors' footprint
With a powerful live chat tool, you can collect a lot of information about your online visitors, including the website that referred them to your site, their click-through path and the browser they use. You can also see how many times  the visitor has been on your website before, and if so, you can review heir past purchase and chat history. All of this information helps you to see what areas of your site get the most attention and where visitors may decide to leave.

Not everyone is an HTML/PHP/CSS professor who is able to whip up a customized code in minutes and place it on your site. As the owner of a small or medium-sized business, perhaps you don't have experience using coding software. If this description fits your situation, have no fear because the majority of the live chat support applications we reviewed are simple to use and require no coding experience. Chat4support is easy to download ,easy to install and easy to integrate.For Several steps ,live chat for website can be achieve.
Other key functions of Chat4support
*Visitor IP Blocked
Block IPs of some vicious visitors. When you block one visitor successfully, the number of vicious visitors who are blocked will be added and displayed in the tool bar.

*Unicode Support
Provide multi-language options for your visitors, so you can meet the needs of your visitors around the world.

*Online/Busy/Away/Hidden Status
Operators can choose any status they want to show after they log in the Chat4Support Operator Software

*Screen Capture
You can capture any screens and transfer them to whom you are chatting with.With this feature,it is a more easy way to convey messages which can not be explained by words.

*Customize  Buttons
Upload images of chat buttons or create your own design, and use them for both online and offline buttons.

*Support Ticket System
Answer questions from visitors who leave messages to the system 
Contact Us
Want to add live chat program to your website?Please follow the steps :

1. Download Chat4Support client software

2. Install software (Run .exe file you download)

3. Sign-up a new account (Click "Sign up a new account" in software. Or Sign up on the Chat4Support homepage)

4. Run Chat4Support application, and log in as a new user

5. Generate new chat button HTML codes

6. Paste the chat button HTML codes into your web pages where you wish to have a chat button appear

 Why you need Chat4support?
*Chat4support is your best helper to satisfy your customers
Once you integrate such a live chat software for website,you can communicate with your visitors and customers.By online customer chats and free php cutomer support online live help, you offer free customer service live support and open source live help customer chat to your visitors. You can suppose that whether customers or visitors are willing to wait for a long time for your responses about their requests or not. By using Chat4support, your operators can do everything efficiently due to the use of chat with your customers or visitors.
*Boom your sales
Chat4support offers multiple features that will increase your sales revenue.How?When your operators are chatting with customers or visitors ,they will be more interested to your company,so that would like to spend more time on chatting.At this moment,you can catch the opporturnity to satisfy the visitors and give the most useful live help to them.They may feel at ease that will purchase the product.As time goes by,more and more people will realize your website and your products,more and more people will visit your website,then you will earn more and more moeny .
*Save cost
With Chat4support,you just need to pay little cost.Most online selling had spend much money on phone-call and advertisement,but they did not receive the expected result.However,Chat4support can help you decrease the cost.Without picking up the phone,you can contact with your visitors and customers easily.You can also save the money on promotion,that Chat4support live chat program can be a good messager that can convey positive image to the audience.
Try Chat4support and you will feel surprise to the result !


Online Chat Software

You may find more and more people prefer to use online chat software to their websites. Chat4support,is one of the best live chat software for website,which offers multiple features to companies.Chatting with your visitors and customers,monitoring visitors' footprint and keyword matching,etc.

Thus,you may also wonder:

What is live chat software?

How does live chat software work?

Is it expensive or low-cost?

How can I know whether it is effective?

How to add live chat button to website?

Is there any requirements to integrate live chat software?

Live chat is consistently a favorite engagement type among both customers and companies.  Customers like being able to quickly reach an agent without having to leave the website,  For  e-commerce businesses, Chat4support benefits intelligently, here are some key functions :
*Customers Engagement
Customer engagement is essential to your sales and customer service. Chat4support is live support software as well as a sales support program. By handling customer support inquiries and questions about purchasing your products, Chat4support will help you increase sales revenue  and improve your customer service quality .The traditional customer service,is no longer satisfied modern sales.Without waiting for visitors calling,you can pro-active chat with them. Chat4support allows you auto-invite any visitors and customers for chatting on websites.People like passionate sales because they know more about what they really need and give the best service to them .Using Chat4support,it will help you keep customers happy and come to purchase your products again.

*Customers Live Support 
Except for live chat ,Chat4support is also a tool to give instant live help on website,which is more effective than other programs.Customers in all files are increasingly becoming more demanding, requiring instant satisfaction at a superior service level. Sometimes your customers or visitors are very busy,so that they are not willing to pick up phone for consulting .Chat4support plays an important role in live support,that offers live help for websites and is the best live chat software in the market to help augment your customer support software with real-time engagement in a low-cost and effective manner.

*Sales Support Tool
With online chat software,you can communicate with customers much easier.I think you had ever asked how online chat service on your website affect online sales or conversions? Live chat for your website allows you to do just that, provide live customers engagement on your website,.A combination of proactive chat and click-to-chat features from Chat4support  offers a flexible and beneficial online experience.  Studies have shown that users are more likely to purchase online products when they are  able to engage live chat or live help  to place questions just before the sale. 

Other Key Functions
----Visitor Traffic Monitoring:You can view which webpage they are browsing ,how many times they had entered the page.

----Visitor Identification & Footprint:Review the key information about the visitors and identify whether they are willing to purchase products

----Multi-Operator Chats:multiple operators chat are available 

---Visitor's Activities Status:You can upload customized chat buttons or create your own design and use them for both online and offline buttons.

----Keyword Match:You can see which keyword the visitor had search by the search engines(Google,Yahoo,Bing)

----Support Ticket System:When you are out of the computer,visitors can leave a message to your operators

----Auto-Invitation:Pro-active chat with customers,which represent you are more hospitable.
----Operator Robot

----Free and Automatic Upgrade:You can upgrade the software into the latest version.

How to implement live chat program to your website?
1. Download Chat4Support client software

2. Install software (Run .exe file you download)

3. Sign-up a new account (Click "Sign up a new account" in software. Or Sign up on the Chat4Support homepage)

4. Run Chat4Support application, and log in as a new user

5. Generate new chat button HTML codes

Domain Traffic
How to generate chat button?

1. Click on the button called "Set Up".

2. Select the menu called "Generate Chat Button HTML...", and a window will appear

3. In the window called "Generate Chat Button HTML..." , click the "Copy to Clipboard" button, then the provided chat button HTML is copied to the clipboard "Chat Button HTML" that is on the left side of the "Copy to Clipboard" button. This is just copied once. If you try again, there is no need to copy to clipboard any longer.
4. Paste the Chat Button HTML into the source of your web page(s) in each location where you wish to have a chat button appear

5. Choose the style, sample, and picture you prefer to display the chat button in the web page.
Keywords Traffic

It's never been easier to chat with the visitors for your website. Just choose one of the best solution to help you ----Chat4support.Your visitors just need to click the chat window ,you can engage with them immediately.So,why not download and try it right now? Additionally you can customize the logo of the chat button and choose which is the best style of yourself .In order to fit your requiement,Chat4support will make great effects on live chat technology. Finally, just go to the download page to have an amazing journey.


Website Traffic Monitoring

As a webmaster, it is of vital importance to monitor your website traffic. You have to know where your website visitors come from, what pages they are viewing and how long they stay.  This can let you know which pages/articles on your web are working and which are not. Based on it, you can more easily understand your potential customers' needs and figure out how to improve your website.  All these can help you significantly increase your revenue. Chat4Support is  live support chat software with monitoring feature, which can make you analyze visitor tracking and improve online marketing performance. It combines the features of live chat support and website traffic monitoring, which gives you a chance to find more potential customers and greatly increase sales and website revenue. 

Chat4Support has strong features. In addition to live chat and website traffic monitoring, it also supports Skype to call visitors, customization, chat history checking, ect. If you want to know more, please take a look at Chat4Support Product Features Page. If you are searching for free live chat systems which can monitor website visitors, please free download Chat4Support on the Download Page. Even though it is not an open source live chat for website, it provides with Free Edition, which is gratis support chat program. After you download it, you will have 5-day free trial with full professional features,  and after 5 days, it will automatically turn to the Free Version with 30 days free use. Please go ahead to have a free trial experience. After 30-day free trial, you can go to the BuyNow Page to upgrade the Free Version to Lite/Standard/Professional Version. Chat4support is the cheapest live chat software in comparision with others. Please go to the Edition Comparison Page to view the version differences and then find out which version is the most suitable one for you.  Chat4Support is also a live support program for website with multilingual, which includes English, Chinese, Polish, Turkish, Hungarian, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, ect. It meets the need of people who speak different languages. As to the customer service, we offer live chat support and email-support to help you solve the problems which occur when you using our live help app.

For more information, please enter the Home Page.


A multi-functional product to live chat and track visitors

Are you looking for a multi-functional product to live chat and track visitors? Chat4support is a quite good choice for you.   

Chat4support realizes to live chat with website visitors, monitor site traffic, and analyze visitors' web activities, including their search engine and keyword usage. 

Using C4S, you can analyze how many visitors are browsing the website, or what keywords using frequently, or how long they stay on the webpage. When browsing the company’s website, visitors do not need to install any software to have real-time dialogue with the operator.

Go and check our website:


How to attract potential clients?

Choosing utility online customer software, as well as employs a helpful secretary for you. Compare to the other online customer service software, chat4support prefer to let users to show their own individuation, and make to order according to their needs.

When selecting C4S, you can demonstrate your latest products, including the information of it and what functions it has. In the meanwhile, you can offer the excellence online service that the clients need, to solve their problems in good time. That is one of the effective methods to attract clients while having sales on the internet.

If you are interested in our product, please go to this website:


Try our product immediately!

Chat4support provides a new feature that will make you pretty compliment. When the operators are offline or in busy status, the visitors can choose the Robot Knowledge to answer their questions. The visitor only needs to type the question with the keyword in the input box. Then the robot operator will provide the corresponding answers for them to choose.

You can manager the frequently asked questions and the answers in the admin console. It is quite easy to manage and amend. No matter the online operator or the operator robot, all the software wants to do is offer best service on live chat.

Do not hesitate to try our product! Please go to .


To identify visitors and find potential clients

You may find some online chat softwares nowadays do not help to observe how many visitors browsing your website, or when is the peak time of browsing during a whole day.

Chat4support has strong features on this matter. When a visitor browses your website more than once or browses an important page, you can immediately identify this visitor; also, you can find that if the visitor who chatted with you before from your visitor lists.

When you log in chat4support, you can see visitors’ information in details, such as their locations, their IP addresses, how they find your website via which keywords, how long they stay in your webpage, etc,. All these information gives assistance to you to identify visitors and find potential clients.

More information please clicks to .


What benefit can we gain from Chat4support?

How can we know that whether online customer service software is good or bad? Or, how can we benefit when using Chat4supportw? It may contain the following four points. Firstly, it can increase sales and web site revenue. Through Chat4Support, you can find that your customers or potential customers who are likely to purchase your products and enjoy your services. Secondly, it can reduce customer support and sales costs. Chat4Support runs through internet, and offers live help to contact with your clients or visitors via online chatting. Thirdly, it can analyze visitor tracking and improve online marketing performance. Chat4Support can make you monitor your website tracking and visitor browsing, then improve your website tracking and the marketing services for your customers by needed statistics and analysis.

Please click to this website to get more information about our product.


Chat4support give you confidence to win!

Chat4support’s powerful management tools give you the confidence you need to create the experience you want. You can upload customized chat buttons or create your own design and use them for both online and offline buttons. Including the invitation window background, the company logo, and invitation title, notice message, chat welcome message and site bar image, all these you can design according to your own idea. With real-time moderation controls, customized real-time content filters and IP-based blocking, Chat4support’s moderation features are second-to-none.

Chat4support gives you the power and control to engage with confidence. Come on and have a try!

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Chat4Support lets you to live chat with website visitors, monitor site traffic, and analyze visitors' web activities, including their search engine and keyword usage.

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