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02/11/2014 is released !

A new website of Coding Best Software , , is released. The website is another portal of Chat4Support, the best free live chat software for website. There is a brand new web page interface and website content for visitors, who are interested to install chat support on website.


The 4 in both Livechat4website or Chat4Support means "for". So "live chat 4 website" is to describe "live chat for website". It is the same as the product name Chat4Support that means "chat for support".


If you need setup live chat for your website, Chat4Support is a good option for your site. In addition to the features of live chat for websites, this affordable website chat software can also let you track all visitors to website.


The new site of Chat4Support will build a new website portal to attract visitors from different Internet communities around the world, including forums, blogs, facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, etc.. All visitors will need to create a live chat for site easily and cost-effectively. And some of them may need free live chat for website.


You are welcome to visit our new product web platform:


How to attract potential clients?

Choosing utility online customer software, as well as employs a helpful secretary for you. Compare to the other online customer service software, chat4support prefer to let users to show their own individuation, and make to order according to their needs.

When selecting C4S, you can demonstrate your latest products, including the information of it and what functions it has. In the meanwhile, you can offer the excellence online service that the clients need, to solve their problems in good time. That is one of the effective methods to attract clients while having sales on the internet.

If you are interested in our product, please go to this website:


Try our product immediately!

Chat4support provides a new feature that will make you pretty compliment. When the operators are offline or in busy status, the visitors can choose the Robot Knowledge to answer their questions. The visitor only needs to type the question with the keyword in the input box. Then the robot operator will provide the corresponding answers for them to choose.

You can manager the frequently asked questions and the answers in the admin console. It is quite easy to manage and amend. No matter the online operator or the operator robot, all the software wants to do is offer best service on live chat.

Do not hesitate to try our product! Please go to .


To identify visitors and find potential clients

You may find some online chat softwares nowadays do not help to observe how many visitors browsing your website, or when is the peak time of browsing during a whole day.

Chat4support has strong features on this matter. When a visitor browses your website more than once or browses an important page, you can immediately identify this visitor; also, you can find that if the visitor who chatted with you before from your visitor lists.

When you log in chat4support, you can see visitors’ information in details, such as their locations, their IP addresses, how they find your website via which keywords, how long they stay in your webpage, etc,. All these information gives assistance to you to identify visitors and find potential clients.

More information please clicks to .


What benefit can we gain from Chat4support?

How can we know that whether online customer service software is good or bad? Or, how can we benefit when using Chat4supportw? It may contain the following four points. Firstly, it can increase sales and web site revenue. Through Chat4Support, you can find that your customers or potential customers who are likely to purchase your products and enjoy your services. Secondly, it can reduce customer support and sales costs. Chat4Support runs through internet, and offers live help to contact with your clients or visitors via online chatting. Thirdly, it can analyze visitor tracking and improve online marketing performance. Chat4Support can make you monitor your website tracking and visitor browsing, then improve your website tracking and the marketing services for your customers by needed statistics and analysis.

Please click to this website to get more information about our product.


Chat4support give you confidence to win!

Chat4support’s powerful management tools give you the confidence you need to create the experience you want. You can upload customized chat buttons or create your own design and use them for both online and offline buttons. Including the invitation window background, the company logo, and invitation title, notice message, chat welcome message and site bar image, all these you can design according to your own idea. With real-time moderation controls, customized real-time content filters and IP-based blocking, Chat4support’s moderation features are second-to-none.

Chat4support gives you the power and control to engage with confidence. Come on and have a try!

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