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Advanced Online Chat Software

If you are running e-commerce on the internet,you may see each website has its live chat button. Chat4support is one of the advanced chat script ,which performs excellent functions .It allows you to live chat with website visitors and customers ,plus,it enables you to give instant live help to the visitors as well.

What can Chat4support do for you?
*Track Visitors' footprint.
Unlike other online chat software,they just provide livechat and live help,but Chat4support lets you track visitors' footprint so that you can view the detail information about your visitors.The information includes IP address,location ,VIP visitors.Also,you can see how many times they had ever entered your websites and which webpage they are viewing.This real-time tracking function satisfied more and more customers ,they both like this attractive feature because they can set-up a compelling business strategy about the commerce.

*Live chat and live support
Instead of waiting for calling from visitors,Chat4support lets you to pro-active chat with them.People who enter your website means they are interested in your product ,so you should not just stay in front of the computer,you may actively to invite the visitors .Customers like passionate sales so you must engage in the live chat.When you are engaging with them,you can know more about what they need and how to communicate with them.Another advantage about Chat4support is that you will not miss a call.You can set auto-invite in Chat4support Chat Window 
so that you do not have to worry that visitor will get angry when the call is ringing .

*Operator Robot
When the operators are offline or in busy status, the visitors can choose the Robot Knowledge to answer their questions. The visitor only need to type the question with the keyword in the input box. Then the robot operator will provide the corresponding answers for them to choose.Under this function,the service quality can be improved into a higher level .

* SSL Security
Nowadays,more and more hacker rise ,thus ,our chat history must be protect When you use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), your conversation with visitors can be encrypted so no one can intercept your critical dialog.
Other key features :
----Referrer and Keyword Usage Analysis
Analyze where your visitors come from and their search keywords usage.

----Knowledge Base Management
You can store questions and solutions frequently used for visitors, sort them into specific folders, and send them to your visitor instantly.

----Support Ticket System
When operators are off-line, visitors can leave messages in the system and choose a department to reply to them.

---- File Transfer
Visitors can transfer the files to operators, and the operators can send files back to visitors as well.

----Visitor's Activities Status
Display the status of visitors' activities, including browsing, calling or chatting, and time information.

----Customize Buttons
Upload customized chat buttons or create your own design and use them for both online and offline buttons.

----Canned Messages
Save your most common messages for greeting and signing off, etc. This saves time wasted on composing, poor grammar and embarrassing spelling mistakes by operators.

Why Chat4support?
*Apply in every business file
Whenever what kind of business you are running or no matter what products you are selling ,Chat4support can meet all your needs .The feedback of Chat4support users had reported us that this software is quite useful when they put the products on line.They can easily contact their customers and attract more customers.One of them like the visitor identify most because she could distinguish who she had talked before and which is the VIP client.They no longer wait for new customers but pro-active chatting with the new visitors.They introduce the product,the price,the comparison about the similar products,etc.Also,they just need one or two operators .Why?One operator can contact with several customers but they will not feel difficult to do that.If they just hanging up the phones,they could not server multiple customers at the same time.But with Chat4support,they can easily have a conversation .

*Budget saving 
Chat4support provides  free trial use for 5 days, which has full professional features.After 5 days, it will turn to the free version automatically, which can be used for 30 days.Please go ahead to download the software to have a free trial experience.Plus,there are several version to let you choose (Lite Version,Standard Version and Professional Version).Different version has different functions,so you can choose the best version to fit your needs.


*Easy integration

You just need several steps ,then you can live chat with customers and visitors easily

1. Download Chat4Support client software

2. Install software (Run .exe file you download)

3. Sign-up a new account (Click "Sign up a new account" in software. Or Sign up on the Chat4Support homepage)

4. Run Chat4Support application, and log in as a new user

5. Generate new chat button HTML codes

6. Paste the chat button HTML codes into your web pages where you wish to have a chat button appear
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Chat4Support lets you to live chat with website visitors, monitor site traffic, and analyze visitors' web activities, including their search engine and keyword usage.

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