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Add Live Chat Button to Your Website

If you are running e-commerce business,it is no more better than  adding live chat button to your website and Chat4Support can help you.Why?Chat4Support is an easy,profitable and effective software which lets you live chat with your customers and visitors .Just click on the chat button,real time livechat can be implemented. Free Trial Download of Chat4Support!
Why Chat4Support ?
Chat4Support offers premium live chat and professional features such as proactive invitation,visitor monitoring ,system ticket and SSL log in ,etc

1.Easy and simply setup
There is no other complicated steps, even though a green-hand computer user can operate this software well.As an operator,he/she merely login the application and real time live chat and live support can be done.
2.Low cost and effective
Compared with other online chat softwares,Chat4Support asks for lower price .You only have to pay little charges on Chat4support,you can chat online for websites easily.It lets you proactive chat with your customers and visitors .Without waiting for new comers for chatting,you can invite some visitors to ask whether they would like to purchase the product or there are some doubts they want to confirm.Some operators worry about missing a call when they are out of office.To tell you the truth,it will result in decreasing the satisfactory of custom service if he/she keeps missing calls.However,Chat4Support allows you set auto-invite chatting.Besides,there is a ticket system that your visitors and customers can leave messages to operators.Under the features,you can know more about the situation of your company by feedback and suggestions from your customers and visitors.It follows that ,live chat and live support on web is crucial to internet transaction.
3.Sale more,Earn more
It is reported that online chat application benefits sales of e-commerce by authoritative statistics.With Chat4Support,your sales volume will go up quickly.Unlike other types of software,Chat4Support offer multiple features .The first advantage of Chat4Support is that it can help you save time.As an old saying goes:Save time equals save money.How?Instead of picking up phones,operators can live chat and give instant live support to visitors and customers .After using Chat4Support,companies can save the charge of communication.Second,a good service will bring good image to visitors.A good image and public praise is better than taking ads .As you know,putting ads on websites takes you much money while adding live chat for your websites can save much cost.
How to integrate live chat button to website?

1. Click on the button called "Set Up".
2. Select the menu called "Generate Chat Button HTML...", and a window will appear
3. In the window called "Generate Chat Button HTML..." , click the "Copy to Clipboard" button, then the provided chat button HTML is copied to the clipboard "Chat Button HTML" that is on the left side of the "Copy to Clipboard" button. This is just copied once. If you try again, there is no need to copy to clipboard any longer.

4. Paste the Chat Button HTML into the source of your web page(s) in each location where you wish to have a chat button appeared

5. Choose the style, sample, and picture you prefer to display the chat button in the web page.


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Let's start Chat4Support !

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Chat4Support lets you to live chat with website visitors, monitor site traffic, and analyze visitors' web activities, including their search engine and keyword usage.

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