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How to Add Online Chat Support to Website ?

How to add live chat system to your website ? Here are some steps to add livechat to website in mintues in order to let you install live support chat to communicate with your online website visitors conveniently.
1. Download a professional live chat support tool, such as Chat4Support, from a live chat service provider website. Here is the free download website address:

2.Install and run the online chat software, which is the chat operator client software. Each operator need to run this chat client program on his or her computer in order to live chat with website visitors online.

3. Create a live chat user account in order to use the online live chat tool for website.
To sign up a live chat account for Chat4Support, you may go to the signup page:
Actually, when you run the Chat4Support chat client software, there is a signup link inside the login console. So you can also go into the above webpage from the chat operator client software.

4. Log in the online chat system, which you can view your chat data and set up users/seats for your operators. And of course, you can make a live chat button for your website.

5. Create live chat button codes for your site. After logging in the chat account system, you can generate chat button html codes, and you have options to make your live chat button a static one or a JavaScript-enabled live chat button, which allows you use these live chat scripts to monitor your website visitors online.

6. Put the live chat button codes into your webpages where you want to show up the online chat button. According to the chat button options you selected, the website chat button will be a static one on a fixed location of your webpage, or a float chat button and have functions to track online website visitors. All depend on the option settings you choose in the point 5.

That's it. The approach to make a live chat on website is quite easy and simple. Certainly, the key issue is that you choose an appropriate online chat tool for your website. Chat4Support is a subper and affordable live chat tool to help add live support to website.

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