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Best Free Web Chat Software

How to add a chat box to my website? Are you eager to embed live chat support for your website? Adding a web chat software to website is a rather broad topic today. There are many chat softwares out there, but some of which are too expensive, some of which are not easy to use. One of the best free web site chat programs is Chat4Support!

Chat4Support is a free web chat software for visitors tracking and live chat, help and support. Livechat support help brings more confidence to your customers. This free live chat support tool can help you sell your products on line and supply realtime support and customer services by live chatting with your customers or visitors online. Chat live with your customers or visitors on your web site to solve their inquiries and assist them in completing sales process. Chat4Support helps in closing sales faster.

The easy to use website chat tool also comes with visitor tracking features, which allows you to monitor website visitors, track visitor footprints, analyze visitors' activities and status, as well as collect visitor information including their geo-location, referrers and search keywords. With Chat4Support, you can easily track website visitors, analyze website traffic and identify which visitors are the most valuable, then invite them to chat in real time.

Other features of Chat4Support includes Proactive Chat, Chat History, Skype Chat, Support Ticket System, Knowledge base, SSL, File Transfer, etc. Read more features of Chat4Support here.

Chat4Support supports all Windows platforms and you can even chat with customers using smart monile phones!

Where are downloads to set up live chat to website? Download here and get started for free!

How the web chat software benefit you?

With Chat4Support, you can:

Increase sales
Potential customers will usually have questions. If you can offer live chat help to answer their questions instantly, they're far more likely to stick around and make a purchase.
Save on the phone bill
Live Chat is a live help software. Questions are answered immediately and online, limiting or eliminating the need of a toll-free number.
Increase productivity of your staff
Your staff can chat online with one customer while they're on the phone with another customer.
Turn more visitors into customers
With an impressive personalized experience, your visitors are more likely to become customers
Improve customer satisfaction
It's a fact - customers respond favorably to the opportunity to have a live chat with real people who can answer their questions directly and instantly without being placed on hold or waiting for someone to get back to them.
Do you want to chat with customers on your website?
Are you seeking a free live chat support software for your website?
Where can I find a free web chat software?
Try Chat4Support immediately, and you will find it useful to improve your online sales, win your customers' confidence and trust. It is the best free web chat software we highly recommended!

In short, no loss of business or time! Try our  Chat4Support web chat solution for your website free today! You will not be disappointed.


Chat4support is the most useful livechat software to website!It provide me multiple functions and I like the"keyword match"feature most,because I can know what my clients need and customize the online sale strategy.

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About Chat4Support
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Chat4Support lets you to live chat with website visitors, monitor site traffic, and analyze visitors' web activities, including their search engine and keyword usage.