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Live Talk on Web

Do you want to add live chat software on website?Do you want to improve your customer service?
Do you want to increase your sales revenue?Try Chat4support,which provides remarkable features 
to help you achieve your goal. DOWNLOAD PAGE 

What is Chat4support?
Chat4support is a modern real-time live chat software,which plays an important role in online sales.
More and more e-commerce business man are willing to use live talk software to their websites. 
No matter what product you promote,live talk software is necessary and Chat4support is your best choice!

Secondly,Chat4support can be a website visitor tracker.Unlike other live chat scripts,Chat4support 
allows you to review each visitor's information.The information includes visitor's location,the browser they used,
live keywords,visitor times,important pages they viewed,etc.Based on these information,you can see 
who is the potential buyer and which keywords they would search from the internet.

Key features about Chat4support 
*Live talk with visitors and customers
When a visitor calls your operator,they can communicate easily.No need to pick up the mobile phone,
instant live chat and live support can be achieved.Operators can talk to multiple visitors and 
customers at the same time,also,Chat4support lets you pro-active chat with visitors.Many e-commerce 
business man consider that waiting for visitors call is wasting time.If you invite visitors for chatting,
they may convert to  one of your customers.
*Support Ticket System
When your operators are out off office,they may missing some calls.Don't worry ,Chat4support enables visitors and customers to leave a message to them.Moreover ,they can choose which department to reply them.
*Provide SSL Log in 
Nowadays,some malicious people may hack in your computer and do something bad. Chat4support supports SSL Log in .SSL means Secure Sockets Layer,with this function,your conversation with visitors can be encrypted so no one can intercept your critical dialog.
*Chat history
Chat4support can save all your chat sessions and lets you easily review the chat details on line 
*Easy to use
Without many complicated steps,you just need to download and install this software online, you can engage live talk and live help .
* Operator Robot
When the operators are offline or in busy status, the visitors can choose the Robot Knowledge to answer their questions. The visitor only need to type the question with the keyword in the input box. Then the robot operator will provide the corresponding answers for them to choose.
Why you need Chat4support?
*Save money and time
As we all know,advertisement is a very expensive method to promote products.With Chat4support,you can save lots of money on ads.Adding live chat software to your website can save money on sales cost and time.Why?Chat4support can improve your customer service quality by pro-active invitation.Auto-invitation provides a good chance to operators to communication with visitors.Plus,without the phone-call bills,operator can also talk to several visitors simultaneously.
*Increase sales
As the usage of  internet evolves rapidly, it is shown that the majority of customers or visitors prefer immediate online helps rather than telephone or email helps. Chat4Support is a tool for live talk and online help. Because your representatives do the business with your customers on your web site, your representatives can do everything efficiently, offering live help and online support instantly, which is certain to attract more customers or potential customers to do businesses with them. So, if you realize the effects of live help, you can find that your customers or potential customers are more than twice as likely to purchase your products and enjoy your services once they use live help and chat with your representatives.
*Increase  online support satisfaction
By proactive chat with customers ,they will feel at home and receive the best customer service.Sometimes,they may face some troublesome or bugs with the software,they can receive instant online help,after that,they can use the software again.

How to integrate Chat4support to your website?
I. Open a chat window in your web page:

Click on the button called "Set Up".
Select the menu called "Generate Chat Button HTML...", and a window will appear
In the window called "Generate Chat Button HTML..." , click the "Copy to Clipboard" button, then the provided chat button HTML is copied to the clipboard "Chat Button HTML" that is on the left side of the "Copy to Clipboard" button. This is just copied once. If you try again, there is no need to copy to clipboard any longer.
Paste the Chat Button HTML into the source of your web page(s) in each location where you wish to have a chat button appear
Choose the style, sample, and picture you prefer to display the chat button in the web page.
Hard disk space: at least 100 MB (Exclusive of database ).
Click on the button called "Open Test Page" for an operator to check the function of the new button.

Do not hesitate to download Chat4Support web chat software to experience the amazing features!


Very useful live chat software for website!I was just about to begin searching for a tool like that since I add a live chat box to my website, but since I have found this software, I don’t have to look for that. Thanks.

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