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Free Live Chat Software For Website

Chat4support is a modern and powerful open source live chat software.It provides multiple functions.Some of them may ask,why we need this kind of live-chat software?The fact is that,if you are running e-commerce business,live chat and live support is quite important and necessary for your products.Whether you believe or not,every e-commerce business man are eager to gain a live chat software. Chat4support was widely spread among online business,outstanding features are listed below:

*Provide instant live chat and live support
In today's speedy society,everyone is a busy man.Sometimes visitors and customers may have some doubts and problems they want to ask.Giving instant live support to them will be very helpful.Some of them may ask the price,the quantity,ways to pay or something else.Also,live support can satisfied visitors and they may give better feedback to your websites. As to the live chat,it is a very popular methods to communicate with clients.More and more people choose this kind of open source software to keep in touch with customers.Instead of email communication,they prefer live chat software.

*Save more cost on advertising
Creating an open source software on website,you can live chat and give instant live support to your visitors and clients .You only need to spend little money on live chat program,it is much lower than online advertise and other promotion methods.Customers and visitors just click on the chat tab,they can contact your operators easily and receive high quality help.Under this situation,you can save lots of budget on ads and focus on custom service.

*Canned message and knowledge base
Unlike other live chat widgets ,Chat4support allows you to send messages in a fast way.There is a canned message box in the side of the chat window.Your operators only need to double click the message they want ,they can greet the visitors and they can easily send the answers to others.Sometimes there are so many visitors and customers call them at the same time,so they may be very busy and may confuse which one they are talking to .The knowledge base ,which provides pre-set FAQ,they can answer the questions more quickly and accurately.Here,you do not have to hire much more operators,maybe one or two is able to handle all the calls.

*Monitor visitors
With the professional features of Chat4support,you can see the visitors' footprint and more detail messages of them.For instants,you can view what keywords they searched by Google ,Yahoo,Bing,etc.Plus,there will be a chat history if they had ever talked with your operators. With these useful information,you can know what to talk and how to greet them in a better way.This can be a very powerful methods to satisfied your customers.
Chat4support Chat Window

Knowledge base
Knowage Base

Online chat

Other features:
* Valuable Visitor Distinguish
When a visitor comes to your website more than once or browses an important page,you can distinguish the visitor at the first time.Also,you can identify VIP visitors from your visitors' list and who had chatted with you before.
* Keyword Match
When a visitor goes to your website by using a search keyword that matches the keyword list you pre-set, you can identify this hot prospect immediately.
* Chat Statistics Report
Review all chats with visitors, including successful and missing chats. There you can analyze all chats by different statistics, such as chat time, response time, operator logging-in date or chat history and so on.
* SSL Security
When you use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), your conversation with visitors can be encrypted so no one can intercept your critical dialog.
* Skype to Phone
If a visitor provides a phone number during a chat, the operator can use Chat4Support to connect Skype to call the visitor directly.
* Support Ticket System
When operators are off-line, visitors can leave messages in the system and choose a department to reply to them.
* Email Signature
When a visitor receives your email, the visitor can click the chat button to chat with you in real-time. You can even add a live chat button in your Outlook Express messages.
* Screen Capture
You can capture any screens and transfer them to whom you are chatting with.
* Operator Robot
When the operators are offline or in busy status, the visitors can choose the Robot Knowledge to answer their questions. The visitor only need to type the question with the keyword in the input box. Then the robot operator will provide the corresponding answers for them to choose.

You may doubt that is it valuable for me to use it?Does the sales revenue will be increase?How to use this kind of software?The truth is that using Chat4support will be a good choice for you.How?
1. Download Chat4Support client software
2. Install software (Run .exe file you download)
3. Sign-up a new account (Click "Sign up a new account" in software. Or Sign up on the Chat4Support homepage)
4. Run Chat4Support application, and log in as a new user
5. Generate new chat button HTML codes
How easy for you to set up Chat4supprt.So,do not hesitate to download it and have a free trial!Let's see how your sales booms and how popular your product will be! Download Chat4support


Thanks to Chat4Support, which has enabled my company to better support clients that prefer to order supplies via the web.

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