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Free Online Chatting Software

Are you going to add a free online chatting software for your website? Do you want to offer a free online chat with web site visitors? Please choose Chat4Support,  a Free Live Chatting Software Product! It goes right to work on your web site, chatting with your website visiors online and monitoring site traffic.

Chat4Support is an online chat customer service and sales tool for your website that enables visitors to instantaneously communicate with your personnel. Visitors to your web site simply click a website live chat button and are connected with one of your representatives. Your representative then assists the visitor by providing information, links, images, or even helping them solving their problems through your web site.

Chat4Support is also a website monitoring tool for you to monitor website visitors, track visitors' footprint, analyze visitors' activities and status, as well as collect visitors' information about their IP addresses, referrer and search keyword usage. With Chat4Support, you can track web site visitors, analyze web site traffic and identify which visitors are the most valuable, then turn visitors into customere by living chat with them in real time.


Start adding a free online chat for website by downloading a free trial!

What are the Key Features of Chat4Support?

Full-featured trial avaiable

We offer free trial use for 5 days, which has full professional features. After 5 days, it will turn to the free version automatically, which can be used for 30 days. So you can try the free version first before upgrading to the paid versions. At Chat4Support, we use the most effective technologies to provide highest quality at minimum price. This is why we are able to offer you free trial version and low-priced paid version.

Easy to install

It is super easy to set up and only takes a few minutes! Insert a simple piece of chat button codes into your webpage and you are all set. Talk to your website visitors. Increase sales and improve customer service. Start right now!

Powerful Live Chat Engine

Chat4Support livechat engine provides a dynamic chat support solution for your website and your online visitors in real time. This free visitor chat application can support multiple web chat rooms and thousands of visitors without any degradation in response time.

Higher Conversion

Do not wait for the visitors to start the conversation. Chat4Support's proactive chat feature lets your live chat agents reach out to online visitors and offer proactive assistance, push conversions, and help drive online sales in a private, one-on-one environment. Proactive invitations turn more visitors into buyers and decrease number of customers who leave without purchase.

Complete Customization

Chat4Support offers more customization capabilities than any other web chat softwares in the market. You can personalize the online/offline chat buttons, company logo and side bar in the chat window, invitation window with your own branding. Message board customization and welcome page customization are also available!
Live Visitor Monitoring

Real-time visitor monitoring allows you to track visitors as they move through your website in real time. Our Chat4Support free customer chat helps you understand traffic patterns and see the complete picture on your website. This website visitor tracker allows real time traffic monitoring, which allows you to see who is curently browsing your site. Monitor real time traffic, see visitors path, referrers, current page. Find the visitors with the best potential and invite them to chat.

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Why Choose Chat4Support?

Live Chat is not only for online chatting with customers and website visitors but also can be used  for web analysis, customer behavior and business analysis. It is a good way to improve business performance which benefit both the website visitors and customers.

Chat4Support: Online chat software for technical and customer service teams

Chat4Support offers your IT, sales and customer service teams a powerful free web based chat software. With Chat4Support, your operators and agents can effectively engage visitors to your website and provide more efficient customer service. Chat4Support's full feature set, advanced reporting capability and user- friendly operator interface are designed for usability and efficiency, resulting in higher conversion rates, lower service costs and improving customer satisfaction.

By handling customer support inquiries and questions about purchasing your products, Chat4Support will help your business sell more and keep your customers happy. It gives you the ability to provide an immediate and personalized customer experience.Specifically, Chat4Support  helps you:

- Improve website conversions
- Increase sales volume
- Reduce operational costs & increase efficiency
- Build brand and customer loyalty

 If you are looking for an online web chat for website, why not try Chat4Support ? It is easy to use and free version is available! From now on, you can chat with your customers on website, Free! It is a free online chatting software, and the best but the cheapest website online help plus visitor tracking solution.

Download Chat4Support and see yourself what this free online chat software can do for you!


Chat4support is an easy and powerful software for me to live chat with customers.After that,customers feel satisfied with our service and they are willing to purchase more products from my sites.

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Chat4Support lets you to live chat with website visitors, monitor site traffic, and analyze visitors' web activities, including their search engine and keyword usage.