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Add Chat4Supprt to Website

In the competitive service industry, you need to reach out to your customers in every way possible. In today's age of technology, more and more potential clients are using the internet to search for services, and Chat4Support webchat software is the first step in reaching out to the customer. By offering live assistance, you can stand apart from other services and can increase business through converting your website traffic into new customers.

If you wonder: " How do I set up a live chat and put it on my website?" Chat4Support can be your best choice! It is powerful but easy to use. It lets you to live chat with website visitors, monitor site traffic, and analyze visitors' web activities, including their search engine and keyword usage.

Chat4Support Live Help Key Features:

  • live help, Proactive Chat Help,Multiple-way Chat, Chat Statistics, Reports,Chat History
  • Website Visitor Monitoring, Visitor Tracking, Visitor Footprint, Valuable Visitor Identification
  • Website Traffic Monitoring, Website Traffic Stats, Visitor Unique IPs (Hits) /Pageviews
  • Keyword Analysis, Keyword Matching, Referrer/Search Engine Analyzer, Key Word Mining
  • Knowledge Base Management, Canned Messages, SSL, File Transfer, Support Ticket System, Skype to Phone
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    Why do you need Chat4Support?

    Just as a sales representative in a store might approach a customer or visitor and offer assistance, Chat4Support live chat software allows your business to take the first step in initiating a proactive conversation with a potential client. Chat4Support efficiently gives your websites' visitors the chance to communicate with a live customer service representative in realtime.

    The problem with web advertising lies in its passivity: when a customer browses a website, he or she has no option to ask questions and get immediate answers. Many customers may have questions or inquiries about your particular products or service, but may not have the initiative or the time to pick up the phone. With Chat4Support live chat software, any questions the visitor might have can be answered on the spot, saving time and making it easier for the customer to make a decision about your services. Even if you already have a great website, a live, active customer service option can strongly enhance the appeal of your site and can lock in new clients immediately.

    Why choose Chat4Support instead of live person, live helper, bold chat, who's on, phplive,live help now and other live chat help software products ? Not only because Chat4Support is a really livechat free support software product, but also it has some other features in its Professional edition, which differentiate it from other live help solutions. This web help solution can bring many benefits for your online business. Add a live help for your website. Please download this live help software from our site.

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    If you want to attach online chat for website visitors, why not try Chat4Support? Adding Chat4Support to your website will do great helo for you. From now on, you can easily talk to your website visitors and convert them into customers and greatly improve your online business!


    I have embeded this live chat software in my website for almost 3 years ( I am using the Professional version). It let me conduct live chat with my website visitors and monitor website traffic, ect, which helps increase customers satisfaction, increase sales and website revenue. I hope you can also obtain benefits by using Chat4Support.

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    Chat4Support lets you to live chat with website visitors, monitor site traffic, and analyze visitors' web activities, including their search engine and keyword usage.