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Are you looking for a live chat tool for your web site? Here you will find the best online chat software capable to create a powerful free online chat system where your visitors can ask questions and share their opinions online. is the most widely used free online chatting tool and certainly the most popular customer chat service in the world. It is powerful, multi-functional, and easily modifiable. 
It is the most useful and stable online chatting system, providing instant communication between you and your customers. You can monitor the website visitors, analyze their web activities and proactively invite visitors to chat. The live chat tool gives you best chance to let every website visitors be your customers. Here is the free download website for this online chat tool:
You will find a lot of reasons you feel the chat widget is a best fit for your website. Here are some points:
- You don't need professional technicians to start experiencing the benefits of the chat software, just with a few clicks you can start chatting.
- Provide instant gratification to customers through real-time chat rather than have them wait for email or phone support to handle it.
- Improve agent performance using customer ratings, and increase customer satisfaction.
- Proactively reach out to customers by monitoring their behavior and what interests them.
- Track when and where visitors leave your site and learch how to increase retention to achieve results.
- Understand which keywords and phrases producing the best results, and change your strategies to make the greatest impact.
- Make informed decisions using real time analytics and reports that provide a good chance of optimizing performance.
- You are welcomed to enjoy the free trial with strong features and see whether it can fully meet your needs.
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If you wonder: how do i install a chat widget on my website? Then you can have a try of which is the best instant customer support online chat for you!


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Chat4Support lets you to live chat with website visitors, monitor site traffic, and analyze visitors' web activities, including their search engine and keyword usage.