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Add Free Live Chat To Your Website

If you are runnning a business we know how hard it can be to provide your customers with an easy way to contact you and still manage your time. One solution that works on the web is providing live chat for your customers. The only problem is many of these live chat services are too expensive and difficult to add to your website.

How to add chat box to my website? Using Chat4Support is a simpy way you can provide live chat to your customers without spending too much time and money. It also provides you with free live website monitoring feature, which can monitor website traffic, and analyze visitors' web activities, including their search engines and keyword usage.

How to add instant chat to my website? Follow these step by step instructions to add live chat to your website free.

Step 1:

Download Chat4Support software client from Download page.

Step 2:

Install the software(Run Chat4Support.exe file you have downloaded).

Step 3:

Sign up a new account by clicking "Sign up a new account" in software or sign up on the Chat4Support hompage.

Step 4:

Run Chat4Support software application, and login as a new user.

Step 5:

Generate new chat button HTML codes from Chat4Support Operator software-->-Setup-->-Generate Chat Button HTML Codes.

Step 6:

Paste the chat button HTML codes into your web pages where you want to show up a chat button.

Now you're able to provide an easy way for your website visitors to chat with you while you are online.


Why Chat4Support?

There are obvious reasons to use live chat softwares: customers have become more demanding and don't want to wait days, or even hours, for an answer.
Various studies show that not only will initial purchases will pick up, but also customer loyalty will improve. The time is right to try live chat support on your website. There is a great number of very good providers that offer easy live chat solutions at very affordable price rates. And setting them up on your website literally only takes minutes.

Using Chat4Support - an easy click to chat software, free chat service for website is just a click away.

Chat4Support is a customer service tool for your website that enables visitors to instantly receive live help from your personnels. Visitors to your web site simply click a online chat button and then enter a live chat with your representative. With the following key features, will Chat4Support attract your interest?

·  Live chat, Proactive Chat Help,Multiple-way Chat, Chat Statistics, Reports,Chat History

·  Website Visitor Monitoring, Visitor Tracking, Visitor Footprint, Valuable Visitor Identification

·  Website Traffic Monitoring, Website Traffic Stats, Visitor Unique IPs (Hits) /Pageviews

·  Keyword Analysis, Keyword Matching, Referrer/Search Engine Analyzer, Key Word Mining

·  Knowledge Base Management, Canned Messages, SSL, File Transfer, Support Ticket System, Skype to Phone

Above anything else, our customers love how easy Chat4Support is to use. Easy to set up, easy to customize, and easy to chat with. Chat4Support is also powerful, flexible and fun, and compatible with all major browsers!

Learn more...

Do you want to add chat to your website? Do you wish to create websites with onlines chat features and visitor tracking features? Are you thinking about setting up an online community? With Chat4Support live chat software, all of this is possible! If you want a free program to create chat for website download, do not hesitate to download Chat4Support and enjoy your free trial experience! 

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Chat4Support lets you to live chat with website visitors, monitor site traffic, and analyze visitors' web activities, including their search engine and keyword usage.

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