Website Visitor Monitoring Software

Chat4Support is a website monitoring tool for you to monitor website visitors, track visitor footprint, analyze visitor's activities and status, as well as collect visitor information including their IP address (geo-location), referrer and search keyword usage. With Chat4Support, you may track website visitors, analyze web site traffic and identify which visitors are the most valuable, then live chat with customers in real-time.

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Day Traffic

Chat4Support can monitor website visitors' activities, collect online visitor information, such as ip, screen data (resolution), browser type,geo-location, search keyword usage, referrer, etc. Chat4Support is a powerful website visitor tracker !

Chat4Support is a website visitor monitoring software. Chat4Support can record unique hits and page views everyday on your web site traffic. Business corporations which depend on Chat4Support must be increasing sales, improving website conversions, reducing marketing costs, upgrading website optimization, and providing best service to their customers and partners.


The users of Chat4Support can check the number of visitors on websites, chat with website visitors free, monitor the website visitors by analyzing the daily and monthly website traffic, including page views and unique IP hits, as well as collecting visitors' information, such as the geo-location, browser type, language used, and operating system, and so on.

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Operator Chat Traffic

Chat4Support can find out who are repeated visitors on your website, which important web pages the visitors are browsing, which key words they use. In this way, you can know whether they are valuable visitors (hot prospects), then you can send a proactive chat invitation to them, and live chat with them.

Chat4support's website traffic monitoring feature is for 5-day free trial. Please sign up a free account. You can log in to the Chat4Support back-end system to view your website traffic statistics data.

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Live Visitor Chat Tool

By using Chat4support, you can chat with site visitors free, knowing where they come from, how many times they have browsed your page, by which you can monitor visitors. By immediate chat with online visitors, you can analyze visitors' activities and their performance. Chat4support is a good live chat and visitor monitoring software, which has become the trusted standard in website statistics for various internet companies such as travel, dating sites and online shops. Live chat with visitors, which can help increase more satisfaction and confidence of customers. Chat4support is a tool to help improve the quality of website visitor monitoring and free online Visitors Service Chat.

How do you chat with your website visitors? You can send proactive message to website visitors or get the call from website visitors. The invitation messages are customized. Also you can set the auto-invitation function when a website visitor is browsing some webpages exceeding a period.

Live Visitor Monitoring Tool

When you live chat with your website visitors, you can get more knowledge of the visitors' performance and Online Web support ASP visitor service. You can know where they come from, which browser and screen they use, which keywords and referrers they use to access to your website, and so on. It offers you a function of live website visitor monitor and homepage visitor monitor. If you are chatting with website visitors, you can see the IP of the visitors in your software client, and other information.

Chat4Support is an online visitor tracking software to offer Online Web help visitor service. By using Chat4Support, you can monitor website visitors traffic, collect online visitors information, and identify hot prospect website visitors by keyword matching and important pages viewed by visitors, providing free online Visitor Service support. Choose Chat4Support- a live website visitors' viewer.

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Improve Operators Efficiency

Do you feel it costs a lot to search engine ads and keyword usage? Do you feel trouble to know more about how many visitors are browsing your website and how they like your products? Use Chat4support! Chat4support, a website visitor monitoring tool that lets you see how many visitors are browsing your website as well as the most popular keywords used to find your site. What if you aren't spending any money at all on online marketing? A website visitor monitoring tool will show you the performance of website visitors, and very likely how you can shore them up with search engine submissions and/or keyword buys. It is known that businessmen pay much attention to how their businesses grow in a specific time, how much they earn in one year by free online Visitors Service help. Chat4support has a function that you can know how many times your visitors has browsed your website by daily, monthly, and yearly unique IP hits. You can know how many visitors view your pages, in order to monitor website visitor or monitor websites customers and supply online customer service in real time. The software greatly help to improve operators' efficiency indeed by greeting website visitors through free online help support.

You need to know where your visitor is coming from, and why

Chatting with website visitors online can let you know more about your visitors. Chat4Support can help you find out where your visitors are coming from. It contains a "referrer" section showing who is sending you traffic — by specific web page, by domain and by domain type (such .com, .edu, .gov, etc.). That can help you identify website visitors easily.

How to identify the visitors on the website?

When you invite website visitors to chat, Chat4support, a website visitor monitoring tool identifies your visitors by the keywords they use to access your website, and the most requested pages, as well as your most common entry pages and exit pages, to let you monitor their footprints. If you know what is working well, you can optimize your site to provide more of it. You can pre-set the keywords and important pages in your system. Once the visitors search your website by the keywords or pages that match the ones you pre-set, you can find the hot prospects immediately. This will attract your highly attention, and will not loose any prospect customers from the free online Visitor Service help.

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It's how you'll really get to know your visitors

Maybe you will ask how to know IPs of my website visitors and monitor web site visitors with visitor support, as well as monitor web site customers. Live chat with visitors on my website! Chat4Support supports free website visitor chat and free live chat invitations to visitors. You may want to know how to login website visitors. Operators can initiate chats with visitors and offer free online Visitor Service Chat. Chat4Support is the best website visitor tracking software and visitor tracking software free download, providing the feature of tracking visitors activities on websites advantages and free Live Visitor Service Chat. Operators can keep track of visitors activities in a asp page and help you collect visitor ip address on my page. From the data, you can know all information of your website visitors, including country, browser, screen, language, keywords, referrers, and so on.

How to track visitors?

Many people are saying: I like to know ip address of all visitors on my website. It is hot to track visitors on my website nowadays and offer Online Web Chat ASP visitor service. Chat4support offers live chat, live help and live support, together with website visitor monitoring, enabling you increase sales and reduce costs as well as free live visitor monitoring. When website visitors sign in software, they can chat for free. Operators can make live website visitor monitoring. Chat4Support offers free online chat with web site visitor download and free live chat & visitor tracking. You can collect visitors IP on your web pages and view live visitors and users online. How to track visitors IP on your website and monitor ip addresses visiting my web page? Using Chat4Support, there is free track in live visitors and type prowser website visitors. Operators can do website visitor count and monitor webpage visitors with free live visitor tracker. There is a whole perfect free live chat and visitors tracking system in Chat4Support! If you use Chat4Support, you will not loose real visitors. And now, Chat4Support offer a new function to chat with your website visitors skype, which is more convenient for you to contact with website visitors or chat with websites visitors.

Measure growth

How do i track ip of my site visitor and track visitors to web site with visitor chat ? How do i know my website visitors IP? It is worth building a spreadsheet in Chat4support where you can store a summary of your website visitor statistics together with actual sales enquiries to keep track of trends and track visitor ip and provide free website visitor live chat and free Live Visitor Service help or free Live Visitors Service support. Most businesses carefully monitor the effectiveness of their printed marketing material. It is just as important to do the same with your website if it is to realize its full potential. Unlike other offline marketing material, the actual words that go on a web pages and a high search engine ranking will dictate whether or not potential prospects will find you through search engines. As a good product offer online live chat visitor service, Chat4support of course may help you to come up with new ways of describing your product or service and hence a whole new possible set of prospects to chat with web sites visitors, by which you can measure your business growth, showing where visitors to your page are coming from.

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Monitoring website visitor parameters

How can I know how many visitors in site to offer site visitor activity chat? Do you know how to monitor ip that visit specific site? Chat4support is a unique website visitor free tool to show you how many unique IP hits of your website visitors, which pages of your website are popular, who is visiting your site, when they visit, and other data that can give you a clearer idea of how your business grow. You will find more benefits of website visitor monitoring if you use Chat4support. By using Chat4Support to chat with site visitors with visitor help can let you how to know how many visitors are going to a website, and how to identify website visitors. Through those parameters mentioned above, Chat4Support can help you make free website visitors record. Free visitors online sort by country, language, browser, screen, etc. which is very important for you to monitor visitors performance and provide free live Support with visitors on your site in real time by free live Visitor Monitoring and free Live Visitor Service support, providing visitor tracking live free and monitoring where website visitors come from.

Live visitor tracking, Live web statistics, Live chat

You maybe ask: how can i know visitor's ip address of my web site and show visitors ip address on my web page with visitor support? How do i know visitor on my web site? Chat4Support is a visitor tracking chat software for you to chat with web site visitors, offering free visitor support online live chat. It is known that live chat website visitors tracking is essential for online business. Do you need to track visitors? The answer is yes. When you chat with your website visitors, you view website visitors activities, in order to do website visitor monitoring. When analyzing the traffic to your website, it is often useful to know the size of the monitors that your visitors. Being a best product offer online live help visitor service and Live tracking visitors on website to offer visitor invite, Chat4Support has different statistics reports about visitors performance. All of them you can view at the admin console with visitors support. In Chat4Support, visitor invite live chat free. Users can make visitor tracking and live chat with website visitors and track web page visitors ip address to view online visitors ip + asp. Do you know how to see visitors IP on sites? Chat4Support is a free visitor identification software for you to identify visitor of website and offer live support visitor tracking, also help you show visitor ip on screen with visitors site to chat and free Real Time Visitor Monitoring and free Live Visitors Service help to get your own free visitor live chat. Chat4Support can also help you how to track unique IP visitors on a website, providing visitor live chat opensource with website visitor monitoring chat to track ip of my website visitors.

Web pages analysis

Chat4Support offers a function of monitoring website visitors viewers with visitors chat and to show visitor ip address on my web page and free live chat with visitors, to let you understand how can know ip address vistor in chatting and how to know online visitor country on website. Web page visitor tracking analyzer is a powerful analytical tool, which deals with site statistics generated while your website is being visited by visitors help. Every visit to your site now can be easily monitored and analyzed providing you with essential knowledge on your website traffic. By using Chat4Suipport, you are sure to know how to know visitors Referrer by asp and how to see the ip of your homepage visitor by using free software to collect vistor who visit a website and know when visitor is on websites, helping free visitor tracking in .net with visitor support flash chat. Chat4Support provides live operator visitor tracking, download free.

Chat4support - the professional web page visitor tracking software and a good product offer online live support visitor service, is a very informative and powerful tool, which allows you to set goals for your site and monitor to chat with visitors on my site when and how often those goals are met to help live website visitors and offer Online Web Chat visitor service. Using website traffic monitoring software you will be able to answer these questions about your website: how many people visit it each month, where are they from; how are visitors finding your website; what traffic is coming from search engines, links from other sites and other sources?

The data tracked Chat4support - web page hits tracking software can be analyzed according to different criteria and monitor website visitors real time free- you can check how many visitors your website have weekly and monthly; monitor new, repeat and unique visitors as well as analyze their country, browser, IP address and get other statistical reports and to get your own free visitor live support with chat with visiters on my web site to view the ip of my site visitors and support FREE livechat With vistor monitor, as well as trace the visiter client IP on web page.

In a word, by using Chat4support, a free online visitor service chat software, you can identify inefficiency of web page layout or design, e-merchandising techniques, copywriting, content, etc.

Chat4support is very useful for you to analyze marketing campaigns by defining unique entry pages or parameters for each campaign and trace website visitors, free with visitors help by free visitor support online live help . It is a good program to see how many visitor are viewing your website.

You should take advantage of the advanced and affordable website visitor monitoring software for small and medium size websites. Know exactly where your customers come from, how they move through the site and where they leave it as well as trace ip of your site visitors when doing free online Visitor Monitoring.

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Increase visitor confidence and satisfaction

Do you know how to attract more visitors on site using free programing scripts and monitor page load time visitors free and how many coding for how many visitor viewed my website with visitors support Do you know how to know the visitor browsing which site? Chat4Support is a useful tool to monitor website visitors performance and online visitors free, as well as track visitors for your website and track ip of website visitors and monitor visitors to my website, recording ip of website visitors and know when visitor is on web sites. Using Chat4Support, a software for knowing the visiter in a website, can help you get more knowledge of your website visitors and track ip addresses of webpage visitors when you offer free visitor support online live support. When a visitor is chatting with you online, you can find out the information of the visitor, and know how to talk to the visitor in a manner. How to satisfy all requests of visitors is very important for a website business. If you increase visitors confidence to your website and service, they will come back again. Chat4Support can do like that, teaching you how to see visitors IP on websites with visitors chat . By monitoring website visitors performance, such as monitoring traffic from search engine as well as the keywrods that bring visitors to your website, you can identify all website visitors easily and make marketing campains to satisfy the website visitors and "increase visitor" my website free and free Live Visitors Service Chat to get your own free visitor live help.

With the best chatting &visitor tracking software - Chat4Support, you can easily monitor the tracking of website visits.