Operator Console:

  • Each chat window is listed in the channel window. Whenever a visitor calls you, an alert bell rings in the visitor logo.
  • Operators type the messages in different languages, fonts, colors, or background colors.
  • Operators can review the chat history with visitors, and see visitors' information.
  • Transfer chats to other operators if necessary.
Operator Chat Keywords

Visitor's Chat Window:

  • The visitor clicks on the chat button from your HTML page.
  • A chat window displays in the website.
  • Send local files to operators.
  • There shows the time you chat with operators.
  • There are choices of languages for visitors to select.
Chat Button Message
Invite Chat

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is a folder for the operator to store the questions and answers frequently put forward by visitors and customers. You can quickly select them to send to visitors. You can also update or refresh them by yourself or from our server.

Knowage Base Knowage Base

Visitor Sessions

  • Proactively invite your website visitors to chat.
  • View the status, location, IP address and other detail information of visitors.

Admin Console

  • Click the Traffic Analysis, and you will see the summary statistics by page views and unique IP adress.
  • There are statistics tables of Recent Data Stats and History Data Stats by day, month and year.Operators can analyze the marketing performance by Domain or Page View from which visitors browse your website and analyze the data of Search Engine and Keywords visitors always use to link to your website.
  • Operator can analyze the business by other data, such as Geographic Region, Language, Timezone, Browser, Screen, and so on.
  • Once a visitor goes to your website by using a search keyword that matches the ones you pre-set, you can recognize this prospective customer immediately.
  • Input the keywords and save. Once a visitor goes to your website by using search keywords that match the ones you pre-set, you can find out this hot prospect customer immediately.
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