Online Customer Support Software

Chat4support is the best free online customer support software for website. This software product can let you live chat with your customers oin website and provide support ticket system to your clients to leave a message when all your staff memebers go offline. This web-based customer support software can satisfy your online customers, and improve customer service operation and quality. Chat4Support offers you to chat live with your customers or visitors on your website to solve their problems, answer their inquiries and assist them in completing sales process. This support chat helps in closing sales faster and easier. Online customer support will bring more confidence to your customers. You can input all FAQs or prepared answers in Cha4Support 's Knowledge base, so that you can send pre-set answers to visitors online quickly. Chat4Support Pro has a support ticket system which allows you to track the customer service leads so as to respond customers clearly on time.

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Operator Chat

Key Features of Free Live Customer Chat Software (Chat4Support)

  1. Live Chat with Customers Online, Proactive Chat, Chat Statistics , Chat History, Skype Chat
  2. Website Visitor Tracking, Site Traffic Stats,Keyword & Referrer Analysis
  3. Support Ticket System, Knowledge base, SSL, File Transfer (Some are in Pro and Standard versions.)

Live customer support software is key to success on e-business nowadays. Because providing instant customer support on website will let your customers get replies and feedback from your business on time, and they can feel more comfortable when they wish to buy on something on your site. Chat4support is one of the best online customer support tools to assist you in doing business on the internet to achieve greater success.

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Online customer service is very important for companies to win more clients and maximize the profits. Taking relationships online requires more than technical capability. As customers have told us, it's still about how we make them feel. Our basic online strategy must reflect our commitment to genuine relationships, not technology-driven transactional encounters.

Once you build up an online customer support solution for your business, it is able to make you achieve success in customer service support on the web site. Chat4support software can be considered as a marketing tool to offer online customer service system with interactive customer chat function. Chat4support is a good tool for you to offer live customer support on website! Chat4Support helps you give customer support chat to your customers, in order to increase your sales volume, provide technical assistance, and use your web site to efficiently meet your customer service needs. Chat4Support is a free customer chat software for your website!

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In fact, we can say, probably, online customer support is the most successful and popular use of the Web and the Internet for most businesses. The Web has opened many new ways of customer support with online customer help service and has substantially reduced the cost of customer support. The web has fundamentally changed the way customers interact with products/services vendors and presented new challenges as well. So, are you looking for not only the best live chat software, but also a website visitor monitoring software ? Among other live support suppliers, Chat4Support is the cheapest chat software with visitor tracking features. Chat4Support is the best live customer chat software. A website hit with a contact us button for customers is initiated by Chat4Support. Then you can offer customer services including live help to your customers in real time. Try this online chat support software that is for free trial of its professional edition. Please go ahead to download this live customer support software, and free version is also available.

Chat4Support Key Features

  • Live Chat, Proactive Chat Help,Multiple-way Chat, Chat Statistics, Reports,Chat History
  • Website Visitor Monitoring, Visitor Tracking, Visitor Footprint, Valuable Visitor Identification
  • Website Traffic Monitoring, Website Traffic Stats, Visitor Unique IPs (Hits) /Pageviews
  • Keyword Analysis, Keyword Matching, Referrer/Search Engine Analyzer, Key Word Mining
  • Knowledge Base Management, Canned Messages, SSL, File Transfer, Support Ticket System

Do you want to offer a free live customer support for website visitors on a website no matter is built with PHP or ASP or whatever scripts? You can download and install Chat4Support that can help you build a live customer support system in seconds !

If you want to have live customer chat with your visitors on website. Please add a free online customer support for your website. We can offer you a live chat customer support software application that can work with ASP, PHP, ASP.Net etc..

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The Benefits of Online Customer Support Software :

Satisfy your Live Customers

Live customer support chat service on your webiste can increase customer satisfaction. When customers stay on your site to browse the contents of your products and services, you can suppose that whether customers or visitors are willing to wait for a long time for your responses about their requests or not. By using Chat4support, your operators can do everything efficiently due to the use of chat with your customers or visitors. Your operators can offer online customer support and free live customer chat php services instantly, which is certain to attract more customers or potential customers to do businesses with them. So, if you realize the effects of online customer support, you can find that the rate of your customers or potential customers inclined to purchase your products and enjoy your services is boosted a lot once they use live support and live chat with your operators. Without doubt, online customer support, can increase customer satisfaction in your business, products and services. Chat4support is a great software tool to let you offer online customer support that can make you close the sales with your customers or visitors who are willing to purchase online no matter your site is built with asp, php, or You can use Chat4Support to set up free customer service systems for website visitors to let them easily do business with you.

Improve Customer Service Quality and Streamline the Operation

Chat4Support offers live chat customer support script for free if you subscribe the online live chat customer service system. There is a good free customer support chat system to serve your customers. When you free chat with customers online, you can offer instant free customers support. Chat4Support can help you get more customers online and give you a way to track sales and usage of a website by customers. How often do customer use live chat? With the extending of internet, there are more and more internet business and other industries preferring online business style. More and more customers use live chat to order products or get services. Online customer support is very important for the companies which do online business. Live chat or live support, which can give instant helps to customers, of course, must be increasing customer service quality. Chat4Support helps you avoid dealing with a lot of emails or phone calls. Online customer service chat improve the work efficiency of your staffs.

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Decrease Business Operating Costs

When you call your customers, or fax to your customers, do you feel that, it costs a lot? Without doubt, using online customer support, your operators can avoid handling concurrent multiple phone calls when promoting products and offering customer services to your customers or visitors. Chat4support software offering online customer support means you do not need to use a phone call or fax to contact with your customers or visitors. You do not incur in any telephone charges. When you chat with website customers, you just only do everything on your web site to communicate with your customers or visitors by an instant messager service provided by Chat4Support system. That can dramatically reduce the costs of bills. If you are seeking a live support supplier, Chat4support is a good solution to add a live chat to your site to offer free online Customer Service support and you can know how to see customers IP on websites.

Create a Good Personal Relationship Between Customers and You

As an e-business operator, you may ask: how do i know how customers are browsing on my web site? Chat4Support is a free customer chat software. When you free chat with customers, offering customer support online open source, you will build up a new relationship with the customers. Customers are able to track the status of their requests, update the content and keep a threaded discussion with the customer support agent. With Chat4Support, you offer live chat and online customer support to your visitors. The online customer support software lets you communicate with visitors as face-to-face chat. This, of course, can shorten the distance with your customers and close the relationship with them. Chat4Support is a free php live chat customer service software with customers chat ASP and help to know when customer is on websites. We offer the feature of customer monitor web traffic live map. By monitoring customers performance, you can get more knowledge of customers, and know how to chat with them and give any solutions to their questions. You can identify ip address of customers during a chatting process. After you put Chat4Support scripts on your site to offer free live customer support to your visitors and at the same time you can know see customers IP. By providing online customer chat help, you can know where your customers are from and whether they are a return customer.

Reduce the number of redundant calls if you also use a call center for support

If you also provide phone support to your clients, you can integrate live web chat with your customer support system, so that your operators cannot only make any calls by phone, but also click to call your online customers instantly. Using Chat4Support to provide website customer chat support to visitors. The customers just need to click the chat button and then a dialog box will pop up on the webpage a customer is viewing, they can chat with the operators in real time. Chat4Support can also provide you knowledge base and canned messages, which can help you respond and publish edited answers or messages to your customers at once, without letting your customers wait for a long time. This advantage will let your customer service system more powerful than a pure call center because some long descriptions cannot be heard clearly on phone. When you respond to one customer, you respond to hundreds. Chat4Support is a good software application that identify which customers are hitting your site and offer Online Web Chat customer service. It is the best product offering online live chat customer service.

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Improve online sales/support

Using our online customer support chat application can make you supply live support to your customers or visitors instantly, and show customers' ip address on your Operator software. Online customer support has the ability to improve web customer service with higher sales rates and larger order sizes. You can connect and give live support to your customers and sell your products on your web site instantly by chatting with your customers who are browsing your web site. Chat4SUpport is a great tool to help you set up free online Customer Service Chat system on website, so that you can improve customer support and increase online sales.

Receive invaluable comments and feedback from customers

As a good software product offering online live help customer service, Chat4support offers instant live help and online support and let you know when customer is on web sites. Through Chat4support software, the operators are able to receive invaluable customer feedback during and after sales. Instantly, they could provide instant online customer support during the chat. Online customer support can indeed attract more customers, potential customers or visitors to purchase your products on your web site. Customer feedback is also important to your online business. Chat4Support helps you to give free customer service chats to your visitors. We have ticket system to receive any offline messages from visitors. That can help you not miss any potential customers, and chat with customers on your web site properly on time.

Centralize Customer Data and Business Information

Chat4Support system can help you store questions, answers, customer information, chat history in a central database on Chat4Support Servers and all of them are accesible from anywhere. In this way, you can view all your web site traffic , support tickets, chat contents, customer contact data with a web browser everywhere over Internet.

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Attract More Customers by catching their attention easily

During the live chat with your customers or visitors, your operators can display customers'or visitors'desired documents, pages about your product, unlisted offers and other information on your product or services, which are the instant live support for your customers or visitors. This is not possible to happen in the phone call or emails support. All of these live methods to introduce your product and improve services can certainly increase the interests of your customers or visitors. We will add live video customer support in the future version, which can increase operator efficiency and attract more customers. Chat4Support provides live operator customer tracking features to trace the customer client IP on web page and you can get more information about the live customers including whether they are return visitors, which products they are interested, where and how they come , etc. so you can send customized messages with right information that may catch their interests.

Archive Customer Profile

When a customer is browsing your website, do you want know more about the customer from free Live Customer Service support? Do you know the difference between online customer support via instant messaging? The most difference is that, online customer support can offer customer profile to operators and free live chat with customers. Operator can gather and store all information about customers with php "customer chat", prospects or any visitors on your website, including location, language, browser, screen, referrer, keyword, and so on. All of these are very important to the operator, which can let the operator know how often the customer is browsing the website, whether the customer is the VIP one.

Convert more visitors into customers

Every business manager will try to convert a website browser into a purchaser. Online service allows your web customers to chat in real time with customers. Chat4support online customer support software can help you increase your conversion rate by turning a simple visitor into a well targeted prospect and let you know how to know online customer country on website. Chat4support offers voluntary chat invitation for your operators. Real time customer support is very essential to a online business. It will help you finding customers instantly and low costly. Online customer support increases your customers confidence. And they will come back again, becoming your old customers. In fact, Chat4Support can help you hold old customers, and attract more new customers by providing online live chat support. With live interactive chats with customers, you can find out, the warm, kind and polite message will let your customers or visitors feel you are sincere to help them with customers. Chat4Support can also help you how to track unique IP customers on a website then quickly follow up all the requests from these customers due to good preparation. This website customer monitoring features will be a good helper for live operators to provide proper customer support to website visitors so that all the business process is smooth and the sales can be completed more efficiently.

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Easy to Use

Free live customer chat tools are very popular on the internet. Chat4Support is just the one, but it is very easy to use to offer online customer support service. No software or hardware is required by your live customers on website. Online customers just only need to click the chat button to chat with operators and get online support in real time! All you need to do is: sign up live support account, generate an online support button script, paste the script onto your web pages, log in the Operator Client software, and Start live support service on webiste, that is it.

Chat4Support is powerful software to help you intergrate an online support chat for your wensites. The software can support multiple ebsites so that you may just set up only one live support account on the system, and apply this online support tool on serveral different websites to provide online customer support to live visitors anytime.